Embrace the Sizzle: Grilling Season Is Here

As the chill of winter fades away and the days grow longer, a familiar and enticing aroma begins to waft through neighborhoods across the country. The smell of grills firing up, signaling the start of grilling season. There’s something magical about cooking outdoors, surrounded by the sights and sounds of…


Unleashing the Power of Water: The Revolutionary Edge of Defiance Fuel

The world of health and wellness, where innovation meets necessity, Defiance Fuel leads not as ordinary water but as a beacon of superior hydration and performance enhancement. This premium structured water, backed by science, redefines our understanding and consumption of water for optimal health, setting it apart from the rest….


NFM Podcast Featuring Cara Clark

This podcast was brought to you by these fine sponsors. Clean Eatz Defiance Fuel Shifted Supplements Stretch Zone Franklin Cara Clark is the owner and primary Certified Nutritionist of Cara Clark Nutrition. Cara works with individuals and groups to promote overall health and to manage a…


Paleo Jambalaya w/ Hale’s Kitchen

Laissez les bons temps rouler! American Idol finalist Rachel Hale is teaming up with PaleoWorks in “Hale’s Kitchen” for a Mardi Gras Whole30 Jambalaya! Try out the recipe below! “Hale’s Kitchen” is a pun on Hale’s last name and a spin on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen. In the series, Hale…


Holiday Plate Making – with Intention & without* Tracking.

Learning how to track macros and apply the Flexible Dieting concept will be the best skill you ever learn. Not only does this knowledge allow you to transform your physical, metabolic & hormonal health. Flexible Dieting gives you the tools needed to feel confident in your daily diet choices for…


The Truth About Seasonal Depression & Ways You Can be Proactive Year to Year.

The Truth About Seasonal Depression & Ways You Can be Proactive Year to Year. It’s about that time again; the holiday season. The season that should* bring people joy & happiness. Yet it seems to bring most* people stress & anxiety. Which in the medical world is referred to as…


Beefy Back In The Kitchen With Haven

Brought to you by the Tn.Beef Counsel


How To Choose A Good Pre-Workout

By Megan Sparacio, CPT Have you ever looked at all of the pre-workouts on the market and gotten overwhelmed?    The good news is that with a few pointers, it’s easy to spot the difference between an excellent pre-workout and one that is sub-par or underdosed.     A good pre-workout…


In The Kitchen W/ Haven PB and Cherry Smoothie

In The Kitchen W/ Haven PB and Cherry Smoothie 1 cup frozen black cherrieshandful of kale2 frozen cauliflower florets1 Tbsp chia seeds1 Tbsp flax seeds1 Tbsp organic peanut butter1 cup cashew milkIce


Calorie Deficit Gone Wrong

Calorie Deficit Gone Wrong What happens when you spend too much time at a high calorie deficit. By: Terry Barga Adaptive thermogenesis is the ability of the body to adjust its metabolic rate in response to changes in energy intake and expenditure. This process is necessary to maintain energy balance…

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