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How Physical Fitness Can Help You Cut Healthcare Costs

Health care costs continue to rise, leaving individuals seeking ways to deal with the financial burden of medical care. Surprisingly, one of the most effective strategies for reducing health care expenses doesn’t lie in prescription medications or complex treatments but rather in the simple practice of maintaining physical fitness. There…


NFM Podcast Featuring Jared Thomas

Coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health Studio we present to you the Nashville Fit Podcast! Thanks to our sponsors Nutrition Faktory  Stretchzone Franklin Optimize U  Shifted Engineered by: Spread The Positive Dive into the dynamic world of fitness with this exciting episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine…

A man walking barefoot on pavement

What Is the Science Behind the Benefits of Barefoot Training? Precautions and Considerations

You know that relaxing moment when you free your feet from your shoes after a long training day? Many people wonder whether there’s a way to just do their exercises without the constraints of footwear. It can be a hypothetical experiment for fun, but training barefoot has advantages. And people...

Unlocking Your Strength: Understanding the Importance of Progressive Overload

In the realm of fitness and strength training, a fundamental principle underpins progress and growth: progressive overload. While the term might sound daunting, its understanding is pivotal for anyone seeking to maximize their physical capabilities and achieve their fitness goals. Progressive overload is not merely a concept reserved for elite…


Maximizing Your Fitness: Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts

In the pursuit of health and wellness, fitness plays a pivotal role. Whether your goal is to build strength, improve endurance, or enhance your overall well-being, maximizing your fitness efforts is critical to achieving optimal results. However, achieving peak fitness requires more than just hitting the gym or running sporadically….


NFM Podcast W/ Anthony Vigilante

This podcast is sponsored by: Defience Fuel Shifted Supplements Clean Eatz Anthony is a new trainer here in Nashville and his story is inspiring. We hope you enjoy listening to his story while he speaks with our dynamic host Gerell and Sav. Learn more about Anthony


Tim McComsey – Empowering Transformations Through TRYM Fitness

In the dynamic world of fitness, Tim McComsey stands out as a beacon of transformation and empowerment. As the founding owner of TRYM Fitness, a premier personal training and nutrition company based in Dallas, Texas, Tim brings well over a decade of experience and a wealth of expertise to his…


2024 Nashville Fit Games

The much anticipated return of the Nashville Fit Magazine’s Fit Games! The 2024 Fit Games put on by the good folks at Redline Quality Fitness is going to be bigger than last year with an improved competition layout as well as newly laid out vendor village. Come and watch, shop…


Setting Measurable Weight Loss Goals: A Definitive Guide

Embarking on a weight loss journey can be empowering and transformative, but setting clear, measurable goals to track progress effectively is crucial. Establishing specific milestones keeps you focused and boosts motivation as you witness tangible achievements. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to set measurable weight loss goals: Define Your…


NFM Podcast w/ Kenzie Wesp

This episode is brought to you by these fine sponsors: Body Fit Training Stretchzone Franklin Social Indoor Shifted Supplements Kenzie sits down with us to share how she has taken over True Form Fitness. Her story is encouraging and uplifting! Listen/ watch as she tells her…

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