Black Woman Entrepreneur Takes Ownership of CycleBar Maryland Farms

Tiffany Elam is thrilled to announce the acquisition of CycleBar Maryland Farms, which will bring a fresh perspective and a passion for fitness to the community. Nashville, TN – May 1, 2024—CycleBar Maryland Farms welcomes a new owner: Tiffany Elam. She is a dynamic entrepreneur poised to make a positive…


NFM Podcast Featuring Vessel Training Company

Thanks to our sponsors! Game Day Men’s Health Green Hills Game Day Men’s Health Hermitage Stretch Zone Franklin All Strength Shifted Defiance Fuel Waxing The City Spread The Positive  Join us on this dynamic episode of the NFM Podcast coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health Studio, where…


Talking Nature, Ohio and Country Music With Dan Smalley

Dan Smalley Releases High-Octane Single “Can’t Leave Wrong Enough Alone” Ahead of Album Drop Dan Smalley is set to ignite the country music scene with the release of his electrifying lead single, “Can’t Leave Wrong Enough Alone,” from his highly anticipated upcoming album, “The State of Country Music.” The single,…


Integrating Mindfulness and Nutrition: A Parent’s Guide to Holistic Child Healthcare

When it comes to child healthcare, following a holistic approach can be greatly beneficial. It’s about looking beyond conventional methods to weave together mindfulness and nutrition, creating a tapestry of well-being that nurtures not just the body but also the mind and spirit of our young ones. This guide is…


NFM Podcast W/ Nicole Moffatt

This week on the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, join Sav and Gerell as they dive into an inspiring conversation with Nicole Moffatt, the dynamic force behind Pvolve Nashville. Nicole’s journey into the fitness world is not just about physical transformation; it’s a story of passion, perseverance, and deep connection with…


Wirth Campbell: A Fitness Visionary Transforming Lives at Trumav Gym

In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, lies a fitness haven unlike any other: Trumav Gym. And at its helm is the visionary entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Wirth Campbell. With his passion for health, wellness, and community, Campbell has established a state-of-the-art fitness center and fostered a culture of empowerment and…


Revolutionizing Executive Fitness: The 80/20 Fitness Approach

Since its establishment in 2016, 80/20 Fitness has tried redefining how executives approach their Fitness and well-being. With a focus on efficiency and effectiveness, 80/20 Fitness has developed a unique approach called Compounding Habits, which integrates principles from the best-selling book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear and the renowned 80/20…


Hitting Our Stride: An Interview With Jodi Suglio

We catch up with our good friend Jodi a long time contributor to the local fitness industry. She has out done herself with the amazing new Stride location in West Nashville. Check out the interview, follow Stride and take a class! Check them out here!


NFM Podcast, Jesslee – A Symphony of Strength, Song, and Survival

Thanks to our sponsors! Shifted Supplement Nutrition Faktory Gracie Record Coaching Optimize U  Restore  Tune in to an electrifying episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, where country music’s vocal powerhouse, Jesslee, shares her captivating journey of melody, muscle, and resilience. Fresh from her standout performances on NBC’s The Voice,…


Live Interview With Natalie Cooper Of Wellpoint

In the vast landscape of healthcare, there are individuals who dedicate their careers to making a difference and embody the essence of compassion, innovation, and leadership. Natalie Cooper, an esteemed figure at Wellpoint, stands out as a shining example of such an individual. Her unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare has…

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