The Benefits of Mobility Training for the Everyday Athlete

Athletes and weekend warriors! Whether you’re crushing it at the gym, hitting the trails, or just trying to keep up with the kiddos, mobility training is the game-changer you didn’t know you needed. Let’s dive into why adding extra flexibility and movement can take your fitness to the next level….


NFM Podcast: Transforming Health & Fitness W/ Aaron Hines

From the Game Day Men’s Health studio, Join us in this exciting episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, recorded on location at Stretch Zone Murfreesboro! Hosts Sav and Gerell have an awesome conversation with Aaron Hines, the inspiring founder of Premier Performance Training in Tennessee. Aaron brings a wealth…


A Goal-Getter’s Guide: 6 Tips to Unleashing Your Full Potential in 2024

By: Gerell Webb Setting goals is a powerful way to turn aspirations into achievements, but it requires more than wishful thinking. What do you want? What do you want, not just what you think is possible? Say it out loud. Could you write it down right now? Dreams are just…


She Found Herself Inside the Ring

As we sit in a boxing gym perched on the side of the ring, we dive deep into Cristee Forkins’ incredible journey, unfolding against the backdrop of Music City Boxing. Her story is not just about boxing; it’s about transformation, passion, and pursuing a dream that has taken her from…

A group of people exercising

12 Ways to Switch up Your Fitness Routine for More Motivation

Exercising is likely one of the most fulfilling parts of your week. It’s when you release your stress and feel accomplished, but it might also get repetitive. Read about these easy ways to switch up a workout routine to change that. You’ll gain more motivation because you’ll feel excited to…

A group of people doing Tai Chi on the beach

10 Exercises To Help Prevent Falls in Older Adults

Are you looking for the best exercises to prevent falls? Here are 10 different forms of movement that combine balance, resistance and flexibility to strengthen your lower body and help you react immediately when you’re about to fall.  Exercise Help Reduce Falls Among Older People Engaging in physical activities is…


The Future of Fitness: Real-Time Health Tracking During Exercise

We all love the feeling of a good workout—the sweat, the burn, the satisfaction of pushing ourselves. But what if we could see beyond the surface what’s actually happening inside our bodies during those moments? Real-time health tracking is making this possible, revolutionizing the way we exercise and understand our…

A girl exercising on a mat

What Effect Does Exercise Have on Your Immune System?

You’ve long known that physical activity benefits your overall health. However, precisely what impact regular exercise has on the immune system remains unclear despite vigorous research.  One fact appears indisputable from the existing research — moderate exercise reduces your risk of everything from upper respiratory infections to cancer. However, what…

A bowl of vegetables and proteins

12 Fitness and Nutrition Tips for Vegetarian Athletes

An athlete can require plenty of diet and exercise training to refine their form and get better at their sport. Some assume going plant-based is a downgrade since you lack meat and its nutritional value. However, there are several benefits to changing to this lifestyle. Follow the fitness and nutrition…

A woman engaging in a wall climbing exercise

In What Ways Can Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Fitness Goals?

How does alcohol affect your fitness? It does it in many negative ways. Booze is a staple of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. If you’re on a fitness journey and insist on taking that glass of beer or shot of whisky, know its adverse effects on your training output and…

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