Men’s Mental Health Month w/ Brandon Fender

Breaking the Silence: Embracing Men’s Mental Health Awareness In recent years, there has been a profound shift in societal attitudes towards mental health. We’ve begun to understand that mental well-being is as important as physical health, yet there remains a persistent and critical gap: men’s mental health. Acknowledging and addressing…


The Profound Impact of Fitness on Your Health

Maintaining good health has become more critical in an era defined by sedentary lifestyles and convenience-driven choices. Fitness, a concept often associated with rigorous exercise and athletic prowess, is not just about looking good; it’s a fundamental aspect of overall well-being. This article explores the profound impact of fitness on…


Vida Flo Brings Cutting-Edge Wellness Infusion to Downtown Nashville’s Fifth + Broadway

Nashville, TN – As the heart of Music City continues to evolve, so does the landscape of health and wellness options available to its residents and visitors. Vida Flo, a renowned provider of intravenous (IV) hydration and wellness infusion services, is set to elevate Nashville’s well-being scene with the opening…


The Impact of Tobacco on Your Athletic Performance

The Impact of Tobacco on Your Athletic Performance If you want to achieve peak performance, smoking is one of the habits that you’ll have to say goodbye to. WKRN reported that about 11% of American adults, or about one in nine people, use cigarettes in 2022. Though this is a…


Train Better & Recover Faster with IV Therapy

Train Better & Recover Faster with IV Therapy In the modern era, regular physical activity is absolutely crucial! However, exercise transcends mere well-being for numerous individuals and becomes a genuine passion. Whether they engage in activities like long-distance running, bike racing, swimming, or any other sport, their ultimate objective is…


Calorie Deficit Gone Wrong

Calorie Deficit Gone Wrong What happens when you spend too much time at a high calorie deficit. By: Terry Barga Adaptive thermogenesis is the ability of the body to adjust its metabolic rate in response to changes in energy intake and expenditure. This process is necessary to maintain energy balance…


Enhancing Athletic Performance and Recovery

Enhancing Athletic Performance and Recovery Adequate hydration is essential for everyone’s health. Let’s face it, studies show that most of us are chronically dehydrated (Lacey et al., 2019). Individuals who are concerned with athletic performance and recovery should be especially focused on adequate hydration and replenishing fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals,…


Fueling for Strength Training

Fueling for Strength Training By: Sara Howe Let’s set the scene; you are a woman and have been trying to “get toned” for years, and you constantly jump from one diet to another and may fear eating “too many carbs.” You do endless hours of cardio per week, you do…


7 Books to Make You a Better Person

7 Books to Make You a Better Person A book review by: Lindsay Miller No surprise here: ​​Health is a complex topic, and Mental Health is even more challenging. Because where does the mind become matter? When does health become sickness? When does prevention become a cure? We’d all like…


Unlocking The Body’s Super Powers W/ Cold Therapy

Unlocking The Body’s Super Powers W/ Cold Therapy By: Terry Barga Cold dips, polar plunges, and cryotherapy, oh my! Not everyone is head over heels for this ever-increasingly popular trend. But that is likely because they don’t know the proven benefits. Science is still being explored on the wonders of…

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