Who are we?

Nashville Fit Magazine is a prominent figure in the fitness community, serving as a leader for health enthusiasts across Nashville and beyond. With its insightful articles, expert advice, and vibrant coverage of local fitness events and trends, the magazine has become a trusted source of inspiration and information for individuals striving to lead healthier lifestyles. Whether it’s highlighting the latest workout routines, featuring success stories of local athletes, or delving into nutrition tips, Nashville Fit Magazine is dedicated to empowering its readers to achieve their fitness goals and live their best lives.

What We Do

NFM provides valuable opportunities for businesses within the fitness community to connect with their target audience and promote their products or services. Through advertising, sponsored content, and partnerships, the magazine offers businesses a platform to showcase their offerings to a highly engaged and health-conscious audience. By aligning with Nashville Fit Magazine, businesses can increase their visibility, build brand credibility, and attract new customers who are actively seeking ways to enhance their fitness journey. Additionally, the magazine’s events and collaborations provide businesses with networking opportunities and avenues to engage directly with potential clients in the vibrant fitness scene of Nashville.

Why we are different

What sets NFM apart from traditional marketing agencies is its deep integration within the fitness community and its specialized focus on health and wellness. Unlike generic marketing agencies, Nashville Fit Magazine has a unique understanding of the needs and preferences of fitness enthusiasts, allowing them to tailor their strategies and campaigns specifically to this niche audience. Their expertise in the fitness industry enables them to provide targeted and effective marketing solutions that resonate with both businesses and consumers in this space. Moreover, the magazine’s credibility and authority within the community lend an added level of trust and authenticity to their marketing efforts, fostering stronger connections between businesses and their target market. Overall, Nashville Fit Magazine offers a more personalized and impactful approach to marketing within the fitness industry, making them a preferred choice for businesses looking to thrive in this competitive market.

Our Services Include

Nashville Fit Magazine stands out with its unique range of services, meticulously tailored to cater to the specific needs of businesses within the fitness community:

  1. Advertising: Opportunities for businesses to promote their products or services through print and digital advertising within the magazine, its YouTube channel, podcast, website, and social media outlets.
  2. Sponsored Content: Let us craft a unique narrative for your business. Our custom content, articles, features, or interviews are designed to captivate and authentically showcase your offerings. Event Coverage: Coverage of local fitness events, workshops, and competitions, providing exposure for businesses and sponsors associated with these events.
  3. Partnerships: Collaboration opportunities for businesses to align with Nashville Fit Magazine on joint initiatives, such as co-branded events, giveaways, or promotions.
  4. Digital Marketing: Digital marketing services, including social media promotion, email marketing campaigns, and content creation, help businesses expand their online presence and reach.
  5. Brand Ambassadorship: Engagement of influential figures within the fitness community to serve as brand ambassadors or spokespeople for businesses looking to increase their visibility and credibility.
  6. Print Distribution: Promotional materials, samples, or coupons are distributed alongside the magazine’s print edition to reach a targeted audience of health-conscious individuals.
  7. Consultation and Strategy: Consultation services to help businesses develop tailored marketing strategies and campaigns that resonate with the fitness community and align with their goals.

These services collectively enable Nashville Fit Magazine to provide comprehensive marketing solutions that help businesses thrive in the dynamic landscape of the fitness industry.

How It Works

Nashville Fit Magazine presents a 12-month tiered system for advertising, a strategic approach that offers businesses the trifecta of flexibility, affordability, and tailored options. This system, with its diverse levels of advertising packages, opens up a world of benefits and exposure opportunities. Let’s delve into the workings of NFM’s tiered system:


Bronze Tier: This tier offers standard magazine, podcast, website, and social media advertising placements. Here’s an example:

$275 a month, 12 month commitment

  • – Half-page ad in print (4 more issues) 
  • – Youtube segment sponsor (5 videos)
  • – Social media story takeover (3)
  • – Podcast title sponsor (4)


Silver Tier: Businesses receive additional benefits beyond bronze tier ad placements in this tier. This includes features such as priority placement in the magazine, inclusion in special editorial sections or features, or enhanced visibility on the magazine’s digital platforms. Here’s an example:

$375 a month, 12 month commitment

  • – Full-page ad in print (4 issues)
  • – Podcast segment sponsor/ commercial (1 a month for 4 months)
  • – Youtube fit friday trainer feature (5)
  • – Ad on the front page of the website for 12 months


Gold Tier: The gold tier offers businesses exclusive opportunities for heightened visibility and exposure. This would involve prominent placement on the magazine’s middle (full spread) or back cover, dedicated advertorials or sponsored content, podcast placement, video production, YouTube channel sponsorship, exclusive event sponsorship opportunities, or extended reach through targeted digital marketing campaigns. Here is an example:

$475 a month, 12 month commitment 

  • – Full-page ad in print (4 issues)
  • – Podcast title sponsor (5 episodes)
  • – Youtube fit friday trainer feature (5)
  • – Social media story takeovers (5)
  • – Ad on the front of the site for 12 months
  • – Special Music City Fit Expo signage
  • – Influencer event (1 a year)


Official Status Tier: Nashville Fit Magazine offers the Official Status Tier for businesses with distinct marketing objectives or unique requirements. This tier is all about customization, where we work hand in hand with your business to create advertising packages that deliver maximum impact and ROI. Here’s a glimpse of what this tier can offer:$950 a month, 12-month commitment

  • Full print magazine marketing (all issues for 12 months)
  • Your brand as our YouTube videos (10)
  • Podcast title sponsor (10)
  • Podcast segment sponsorship (8 podcasts)
  • Website banner ad 500 visitors a week (all year)
  • Special event promotion (2 a year)
  • Product placement at our Fit Fest workouts
  • Social Indoor advertising
  • Social media content creation (twice a month)
  • Commercial production (2 a year)
  • Exclusive signage in the NFM VIP Section At the Music City Fit Expo
  • Advertorial Video (1)
  • Social media content creation (twice a month)
  • Influencer events (4)


Each tier typically corresponds to a different pricing structure, with higher tiers offering increased benefits and exposure opportunities at a higher cost. By offering a tiered system, Nashville Fit Magazine ensures businesses of all sizes and budgets can access advertising opportunities that align with their goals and resources. Additionally, companies can choose the tier that best suits their needs and adjust their advertising strategy as necessary to maximize their return on investment.

Our products

  1. Half-page ad in print: Gain visibility in the magazine with a half-page advertisement, reaching readers actively engaged in the fitness community.
  2. YouTube segment sponsor: Associate your brand with specific video content on Nashville Fit Magazine’s YouTube channel, reaching viewers interested in fitness and wellness.
  3. Social media story takeover: Take over Nashville Fit Magazine’s social media stories for a day, engaging directly with their followers and promoting your brand or products.
  4. Podcast title sponsor: Be the exclusive title sponsor of Nashville Fit Magazine’s podcast, gaining exposure to listeners tuning in for health and fitness-related content.
  5. Full-page ad in print: Maximize your exposure with a full-page advertisement in the magazine, capturing the attention of readers passionate about fitness.
  6. Podcast segment sponsor: Sponsor a segment within Nashville Fit Magazine’s podcast episodes, reaching a targeted audience of listeners interested in health and wellness topics.
  7. YouTube channel sponsor: Gain ongoing visibility by sponsoring Nashville Fit Magazine’s entire YouTube channel, reaching subscribers actively engaging with fitness-related content.
  8. Ad on the front page of the website: Secure prime visibility with an advertisement prominently featured on the front page of Nashville Fit Magazine’s website, reaching visitors seeking fitness-related information.
  9. Influencer event: Partner with influential figures in the fitness community to host an event that promotes your brand or products to their engaged audience.
  10. Special event promotion (soft opening grand opening support): Nashville Fit Magazine will help you promote your special events, such as soft openings or grand openings, to their audience.
  11. Product placement at community workouts: Showcase your products or services at Nashville Fit Magazine’s community workouts, reaching attendees actively involved in fitness activities.
  12. Social Indoor advertising: Utilize Nashville Fit Magazine’s social indoor advertising network to display your brand messaging in high-traffic fitness locations.
  13. Social media content creation: Collaborate with Nashville Fit Magazine to create engaging and relevant social media content that resonates with their audience.
  14. Commercial production: With Nashville Fit Magazine’s assistance, produce high-quality commercials to effectively promote your brand or products across various platforms.
  15. Exclusive signage in the NFM VIP Section At the Music City Fit Expo: Gain exclusive visibility with signage in the VIP section at the Music City Fit Expo, reaching attendees interested in health and fitness.
  16. Advertorial Video: Create compelling advertorial videos in collaboration with Nashville Fit Magazine to showcase your brand or products in an engaging format.
  17. Photography Sessions: Benefit from professional photography sessions to capture high-quality images of your brand or products for use in marketing materials.
  18. Promo video production: Produce promotional videos with Nashville Fit Magazine’s expertise to effectively showcase your brand or products to a broader audience.
  19. Social media consulting: Nashville Fit Magazine’s team will provide expert guidance and advice on optimizing your social media presence to effectively reach and engage with your target audience.
  20. Social media management: Allow Nashville Fit Magazine to manage your social media accounts, ensuring consistent and engaging content that aligns with your brand image and objectives.
  21. Business coaching: Receive personalized coaching and support from Nashville Fit Magazine’s experienced team to help grow and optimize your fitness-related business.
  22. Sales workshops: Participate in sales workshops hosted by Nashville Fit Magazine to improve your sales techniques and strategies within the fitness industry.
  23. Internal workshops: Engage your team with internal workshops led by Nashville Fit Magazine’s experts, focusing on topics relevant to the fitness community and your business goals.

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