2023 Fitness Goals, Are They Reachable?

2023 Fitness Goals, Are the attainable? We are 2 weeks into the New Year and have our goals been set too high? Let’s check in and recalibrate to ensure that we reach success on our fitness journey. By: Terry Barga Having attainable fitness goals is essential for maintaining motivation and…


Former NFL Stars & Titans Team Up

Former NFL Stars & Tennessee Titans Team Up Big names from both NFL are talking about their #Gearup campaign and what it means for the city. The NFL Alumni Association and the Tennessee Department of Health are taking a stand against the destruction of COVID-19 with the launch of the…


From the kitchen with Haven

From The Kitchen With Haven By: Emily Stokes Haven Nutt joins Nashville Fit Magazine to make her delicious Taco Salad with fresh guac; one of more than 125 seasonal recipes from her cookbook, Heart Haven. The colorful and fresh recipe is easy to make and packed full of nutrients, perfect…


OptimizeU is changing health for nashville

Optimize U is Changing health in nashville You can’t change what you don’t know. By: Terry Barga After walking through the doors at OptimizeU in Nolensville, Tn, I am warmly greeted by the owner Josh Hudson at his front desk. As you might have guessed, most business owners are very…


NFM & Special Olympics

NFM & Special Olympics By NFM We are proud to announce our partnership with the Special Olympics and the Fit 4 Life program! The Special Olympics are a light in our community, in the way they help athletes with developmental disabilities, take control of their health through their Fit 4…


5 reasons why keeping a food journal will help you reach your health goals

5 Reasons why keeping a food journal will help you reach your goals By NFM You may have heard that keeping a food journal is important, but you may not be sure of why. We here at NFM want to share some considerations for those interested in getting more out…


Bros Let’s Talk Hormonal Health

Bros Let’s Talk Hormonal health By: NFM Men, it’s time we address your hormones… Yep, your hormones! As you well know, they play an important role in helping you sleep, having energy, and also muscle development. But, did you also know that it doesn’t have to be difficult to get…


Getting Over The Mental Hurdles

Getting Over The Mental Hurdles By: Omari Bernard Easier said than done right? We have all faced mental roadblocks that catch us dead on our tracks, and the truth is there will be more hurdles in our lives that we will have to face. The goal isn’t necessarily about eliminating…


5 Misconceptions/ Myths About Chiropractic Care

5 Misconceptions/Myths About Chiropractic By Dr. Brittney McGetrick, DC RD When you hear the word “chiropractor,” what comes to mind? Chances are, everyone who just read that line has a different image in their head of what chiropractors do and what chiropractic is capable of. While there is a lot…


Farmer’s Market Finds

Greens and Vegetables Delvin Farms is a family owned and operated Certified Organic Farm in College Grove, TN with three generations of family living and working on the farm. They have wonderful farm products and are available all across the state. Flying S Farms is in the small town of...

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