NFM Podcast: Transforming Health & Fitness W/ Aaron Hines

From the Game Day Men’s Health studio, Join us in this exciting episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, recorded on location at Stretch Zone Murfreesboro! Hosts Sav and Gerell have an awesome conversation with Aaron Hines, the inspiring founder of Premier Performance Training in Tennessee. Aaron brings a wealth…


NFM Podcast W/ Stretch Zone and Recovery Zone

Coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health studio it’s the NFM Podcast! Thanks to our amazing sponsors. Defiance Fuel Shifted Clean Eatz All Strength Tune into this enlightening episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, recorded live from Stretch Zone Murfreesboro! Join hosts Sav and Gerell as they…


Rosie’s Remarkable Transformation – NFM Podcast

Thank you to our Sponsors! Clean Eatz Nutrishop Defiance Fuel Game Day Men’s Health Greenhills Game Day Men’s Health Hendersonville A product of the Spread The Positive Network In this deeply inspiring episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health Studio, we…


A Gentleman’s Guide To Waxing

By: Terry Barga If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for a man to get waxed, look no further than Waxing The City in Brentwood, Tennessee. I decided to take the plunge and document the experience for the benefit (and amusement) of all mankind. Spoiler alert: it was a hair-raising…


Black Woman Entrepreneur Takes Ownership of CycleBar Maryland Farms

Tiffany Elam is thrilled to announce the acquisition of CycleBar Maryland Farms, which will bring a fresh perspective and a passion for fitness to the community. Nashville, TN – May 1, 2024—CycleBar Maryland Farms welcomes a new owner: Tiffany Elam. She is a dynamic entrepreneur poised to make a positive…


NFM Podcast Featuring Vessel Training Company

Thanks to our sponsors! Game Day Men’s Health Green Hills Game Day Men’s Health Hermitage Stretch Zone Franklin All Strength Shifted Defiance Fuel Waxing The City Spread The Positive  Join us on this dynamic episode of the NFM Podcast coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health Studio, where…


Unlock Your Potential: Now Open Burn Bootcamp in East Nashville, TN!

Are you ready to transform your fitness journey? Look no further than Burn Bootcamp in East Nashville! Located at 921 Cherokee Ave, Suite #1, Nashville, TN 37207, our gym is a haven for those seeking dynamic, results-driven workouts in a supportive community environment. Unlimited 45-Minute Trainer-Led Workouts Burn Bootcamp offers…


Unveiling the Power of BFT Gym: Where Personalized Training and Community Thrive

Amidst the myriad of fitness options, Body Fit Training (BFT) gym shines as a unique beacon. It’s not just a gym; it’s a vibrant community where sweat meets smiles, and transformations transcend the physical. BFT’s commitment to personalized training and a supportive environment sets it apart, making it more than just a…


Elevate Your Athletic Potential

Vida-Flo’s Tri Amino Blend An athlete’s goal, amateur or professional, is to optimize your physical capabilities. Pursuing peak performance often leads individuals to explore various supplements and methodologies. One includes the Tri-Amino Blend, a potent concoction composed of three essential amino acids: L-arginine HCL, L-Citrulline, and L-ornithine. Keep reading to…


NFM Podcast: Behind The Scenes Of The MCFE w/ Roy Mangrum

Coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health Studio Thanks to our awesome sponsors: Waxing The City  Optimize U  Defiance Fuel Step behind the scenes of one of the Southeast’s premier fitness events on this must-listen episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast! Join us as we sit down…

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