Discovering the Magic of Wundabar: An Inside Look with Amy Jordan

Discovering the Magic of Wundabar: An Inside Look with Amy Jordan

Interview by: Jen Spice

**NFM:**Amy! How are you today?

**Amy:** I’m great, thanks! How are you?

**NFM:** Doing well! So, are you based in New York?

**Amy:** No, I’m actually in Los Angeles.

**NFM:** Oh, LA, that’s wonderful!

**Amy:** Yes, it’s quite a miracle I haven’t moved to Nashville yet. But I do visit often because so many of my friends have moved there.

**NFM:** Sounds like Nashville is calling your name! Any plans to open a studio there?

**Amy:** Definitely! I choose studio locations based on where I want to spend time. Nashville is high on that list.

**NFM:** That’s awesome! Have you already had your grand opening for Wundabar?

**Amy:** Yes, we’ve been open for almost a year now. It took some time to finish the build-out and fine-tune everything, but now we have a fantastic team in place, and the studio is running beautifully. Have you had a chance to visit?

**NFM:** Not yet, but it’s on our list for this month. I’ll be scheduling a class soon.

**Amy:** Excellent! There’s been an influx of Pilates studios lately. Getting our team to try it out is like pulling teeth sometimes.

**Amy:** I get it! It takes time to warm up to the idea, especially if you think it’s only for women or that it’s just stretching. But once they try it, they get hooked.

**NFM:** They realize it’s not as easy as it looks and get humbled a bit.

**Amy:** Exactly! I’m excited for you to try our machine at Wundabar. It’s unique and offers a totally different experience than other studios. It’s inspired by traditional Pilates but brings it into the future with a super fun and efficient machine that keeps you engaged.

**NFM:** Sounds intriguing! So, how did you get into Pilates and start Wundabar?

**Amy:** I was in entertainment marketing in LA, living the glam life with red carpets and movie sets. But I felt like it was draining my soul since I wasn’t contributing to something meaningful. I started taking Pilates for myself, fell in love with it, and felt empowered. I began teaching and eventually decided to open my own studio as a side hustle.

**NFM:** And how did that transition go?

**Amy:** I haven’t worked in entertainment for 15 years now! I dove headfirst into Pilates because the joy and empowerment my clients give me far outweigh anything I felt in marketing. Watching clients transform not just physically but in how they feel in their own skin is incredibly rewarding.

**NFM:** That’s powerful. So, how did Wundabar come about?

**Amy:** Through my own study, I realized I couldn’t offer everything I wanted with the existing equipment. Most studios needed huge spaces to accommodate various machines, so I decided to create my own multifunctional machine. After a year of development and many trials in my living room, Wundaformer was born, and we launched Wundabar in 2012. Now we have 11 studios.

**NFM:** Impressive! Where are your studios located?

**Amy:** We have locations in New York, New Jersey, California, and Nashville.

**NFM:** What excites you most about your Nashville studio?

**Amy:** I’m excited to introduce a new community to Wundabar and help them feel amazing in their skin. Nashville is growing, and we’re thrilled to grow with it. Our goal is to create a welcoming space where everyone feels supported, whether they’re elite athletes or newcomers to Pilates.

**NFM:** How do you tailor your classes for different skill levels?

**Amy:** We have one format that’s a head-to-toe workout, and we adapt it to each client’s needs. Whether someone is new or experienced, we guide them through the movements, offering modifications and challenges to ensure they get the most out of each class.

**NFM:** What would you say to a man hesitant to try Pilates?

**Amy:** Men are often surprised by how much they benefit from Pilates. It strengthens the core, increases flexibility, and supports overall functional movement, which is crucial for any physical activity. Once they try it, they’re usually hooked!

**NFM:** Any first-timer specials for our readers?

**Amy:** Absolutely! We’ll provide specific details through our studio manager. You can find us on social media at @WundabarPilates and me at @AmyJordanOfficial. We’re excited to have you in class soon!

**NFM:** Thanks, Amy! We’ll be in touch to schedule our visit.

**Amy:** Looking forward to it!

For more information, follow Wundabar Pilates on social media or visit their website. Stay tuned for special offers and updates!

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NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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