NFM Podcast, Jesslee – A Symphony of Strength, Song, and Survival

Thanks to our sponsors! Shifted Supplement Nutrition Faktory Gracie Record Coaching Optimize U  Restore  Tune in to an electrifying episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast, where country music’s vocal powerhouse, Jesslee, shares her captivating journey of melody, muscle, and resilience. Fresh from her standout performances on NBC’s The Voice,…


Live Interview With Natalie Cooper Of Wellpoint

In the vast landscape of healthcare, there are individuals who dedicate their careers to making a difference and embody the essence of compassion, innovation, and leadership. Natalie Cooper, an esteemed figure at Wellpoint, stands out as a shining example of such an individual. Her unwavering commitment to transforming healthcare has…


The Journey of Passion and Partnership: A Dive into Maxim’s Vision with Jordan Roth

In the vast landscape of business ventures and corporate endeavors, the story of individuals finding their true calling and purpose is always captivating. Jordan Roth, a key figure at Maxim Partners, opens up about his journey, shedding light on his path from the corporate world to the vibrant and impactful…


Tree House Recovery Tn Finding Identity Outside of Addiction

The guys from Tree House Recovery talk about how they found purpose and a new identity as they have overcome their addictions. Tree House Recovery Tn Addiction Treatment in Tennessee Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Tree House Recovery TN offers the best addiction treatment with holistic and individualized…


Unveiling the Journey: From Running Passion to Owning a Running Store

Running is a pursuit embedded in the veins of Christi Beth (center on photo above), the owner of a local running store, Fleet Feet. In a captivating interview, she unravels the intricate threads of her running journey, narrating a story that resonates with passion, chance, and unanticipated entrepreneurship. Christi Beth’s…


NFM Podcast Christmas Special

This Special Christmas episode its brought to you by our good friends and loyal supporters: Tree House Recovery Center Clean Eatz Nutrishop (Franklin Gulch, Hendersonville) On this episode we spend time in reflection of the year as we count our blessings and share what we’ve learned through…


Give Local & Give Back

‘Tis the Season for Meaningful Giving: Embracing Local Nonprofits for Holiday Shopping As the holiday season unfurls its festive charm, the twinkling lights and bustling streets mark the onset of a familiar tradition: holiday shopping. While the allure of big-box retailers and online marketplaces might seem enticing, this year, consider…


Hopeful Haven Of Transformation

By Terry Barga In the heart of Tennessee, nestled within a serene one-hundred-and-eight-acre farm in Coffee County, exists a place rewriting stories—Blue Monarch. It’s not just a recovery program; it’s a haven of hope and transformation for women and their children. Meet Susan Binkley, the founder and president of Blue…


Witness The Difference Of Experience

We had fun learning about how Kerry came from as a video store owner to being the owner of 3 nutrition faktory stores. His story is one of diligence, perseverance and triumph. Please go visit Kerry at one of his area locations, experience kindness and the wisdom he has to…


NFM Podcast With Craig Capurso

This episode of the NFM Podcast was brought to you by Stretch Zone Franklin Freshie Tequila Seltzers Gracie Record Coaching Craig takes us through his life as an entrepreneur. We learn how he became a successful business man and a highly effective coach. He shares with us…

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