A Culinary Night to Remember: Influencer Dinner with Kraft Natural Cheese and 404 Kitchen

Nashville’s culinary scene was exciting as we gathered for an exclusive influencer dinner hosted by the good folks at Kraft Natural Cheese and 404 Kitchen. The evening promised a feast for the senses, starting with a hands-on cooking demonstration and culminating in a multi-course dinner highlighting the exceptional qualities of Kraft Natural Cheese’s new Signature Shreds.

A Hands-On Experience with Shawn

The evening started with a warm welcome and an engaging cooking demonstration co-led by Olympian and mother of 3 Shawn Johnson, a seasoned cook in her own right whose passion for culinary excellence was evident. Attendees were guided through the steps to recreate one of Kraft Natural Cheese’s most beloved recipes: Nashville Hot Honey Chicken Mac and Cheese. With its perfect balance of spicy heat and sweet honey, this dish showcased the melty magic of Kraft natural cheese Signature Shreds, a new product line that promises to revolutionize home cooking.

Introducing Kraft Natural Cheese Signature Shreds

Kraft Natural Cheese Signature Shreds come in three delectable blends: Cheddar Blend, Mozzarella Blend, and Mexican Blend. Each variety is packaged in convenient eight oz. Resealable bags are designed to keep the cheese fresh and ready for any culinary creation. These thick-cut, natural shredded cheeses offer a restaurant-quality melt and a rich, satisfying flavor that elevates every dish. Kraft Signature Shreds deliver an unrivaled melt and taste, whether you’re making a gooey mac and cheese, a cheesy casserole, or a simple yet indulgent grilled cheese sandwich.

A Multi-Course Showcase

Following the cooking demonstration, guests were treated to a multi-course dinner that further showcased the versatility and superior melt of Kraft Signature Shreds. Each course was meticulously crafted to highlight the distinct qualities of the Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Mexican Blend cheeses.

Main Course: The star of the evening was the Nashville Hot Honey Chicken Mac and Cheese. The Mozzarella Blend added a luxurious, stringy melt that complemented the spicy and sweet flavors of the dish. It was a hit among the attendees, with many returning for seconds.

Cocktails: We must remember the cocktails that night! The espresso martini with a sprinkle of parmesan was delightfully good. We also enjoy the margarita with a touch of hot honey!

An Unforgettable Evening

The dinner was more than just a meal; it was an experience that brought together food lovers and influencers to celebrate culinary innovation. Kraft’s Signature Shreds was the night star, impressing everyone with their melt, flavor, and versatility. As we enjoyed each course, it was clear that these new cheese blends are set to become a staple in kitchens everywhere, offering home cooks the opportunity to create restaurant-quality dishes with ease.

Thank you to Kraft Natural Cheese and 404 Kitchen for hosting such a memorable evening. We left inspired and excited to bring the magic of Kraft Signature Shreds into our kitchens, confident that these cheeses will make every meal a cheesy masterpiece.

By incorporating Kraft Natural Cheese’s new Signature Shreds’ rich flavors and unmatched melt, every dish from last night’s influencer dinner was elevated to new heights. Here’s to more culinary adventures and the delicious possibilities that await with Kraft Natural Cheese Signature Shreds.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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