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Join us on this dynamic episode of the NFM Podcast coming to you from the Game Day Men’s Health Studio, where hosts Sav and Gerell welcome Spencer Grubbs and Jon Sebastian Shalala, the visionary founders behind Vessel Training Company. Dive into a deep conversation about how they’re reshaping fitness philosophies and practices to prioritize holistic wellness and personal growth. Spencer and Jon Sebastian share the compelling story of how Vessel Training Company  was born, fueled by a passion to nurture and optimize the ‘vessel’ we live in—our bodies. They unpack the unique ethos that sets Vessel apart, emphasizing a commitment to sustainable health, personalized training programs, and a holistic approach that caters to both physical and mental well-being. Throughout the episode, listeners will learn about the innovative techniques and community-focused strategies that make Vessel Training Company a standout in the fitness industry. Discover how Spencer and Jon Sebastian are guiding individuals to not only achieve their fitness goals but to thrive in all aspects of life by being the best versions of themselves. Whether you’re looking to transform your approach to health or simply seeking inspiration from trailblazers in the fitness realm, this episode is packed with insights and motivating stories. Don’t forget to follow along with Vessel Training Company’s journey on social media @vesseltrainingco for updates on their latest programs and success stories. Tune in now to explore the future of fitness with Spencer Grubbs and Jon Sebastian Shalala on the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast.

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