Holiday Plate Making – with Intention & without* Tracking.

Learning how to track macros and apply the Flexible Dieting concept will be the best skill you ever learn. Not only does this knowledge allow you to transform your physical, metabolic & hormonal health. Flexible Dieting gives you the tools needed to feel confident in your daily diet choices for when LIFE is being lived, while knowing* you will not regress in progress nor will you need to “start over.”


Here are a few tips to help you make your plate with intention this holiday season. 

1️⃣ Cover half your plate with simple protein.“Simple” meaning: turkey, ham, chicken- whole, natural protein.

2️⃣  Split the other half of your plate into three sections.

Section one: add the most simple veggies.“Simple” meaning: not casserole.

Section two: add the most simple carb. Sweet potato, roasted or mashed potatoes etc.

Section three: add 1-2 of your favorite* casseroles. I emphasize “favorite” so you choose* the casseroles you already know* you like & do NOT* choose casseroles/foods because you feel obligated. You’re not obligated to eat or try anything, ever.

Personally, this is my 35th holiday season.I do not need* to try any new food, I know what I like & I know what I don’t like.

That being said, if* you want* to try Aunt Junes new  favorite dish- add one* bite to section three of your plate, & try it. If it’s not as good as your favorite casseroles; do 👏🏼 not👏🏼 eat 👏🏼 anymore. This is why you put ONE bite on your plate- so you don’t waste food OR overeat.

The goal is to be an 8/10 on the Hunger Scale when you stop eating, not a 10/10- or more.

Remember, you can eat this same food 365 days a year, there’s no need to eat it all today.

Moving on. Dessert.

3️⃣ Dessert has its own plate, it does not* belong on your entree plate.

Before you jump straight into dessert from your entree, pause for 10-15 minutes to let your meal digest.

If you’re nervous your favorite dessert will be gone by the time you’re ready to eat dessert, go make your plate & hide it. There’s nothing wrong with this,  I do it every year.

To be honest, I bring my dessert home to eat; for two reasons:

One: I’m full when I finish eating my meal. Shoving dessert in my mouth when I’m already an 8/10 on the Hunger Scale will push me over how I want* to feel the rest of my day.

Two: I want to enjoy my dessert- fully, with no feelings of over indulgence, guilt or shame.

☝🏼Guilt & shame after eating is NOT always rooted in your food choices; rather in the decision to continue eating when you know* your body is satisfied.

The feeling of over indulgence- is where the guilt & shame comes from. Focus on cutting the feeling at the root. If you do choose* to go back for seconds, here’s some food for thought; based on science.

1️⃣ The feeling of fullness is hormonally driven- from the gut to the brain. The process of physically feeling full,  to knowing you need to stop eating; takes anywhere between 10-30 minutes.

Question: Have you given your first plate time to fully digest, PLUS tell your brain how full you are?

2️⃣ If you have & you are truly hungry, grab a dessert* plate & take the same approach as you did when you made your first plate.


We track macros & live the 80/20 balance so on holidays, vacations & other special* life events, we can be a little less ‘strict’ in order to stay 120% present, mentally, physically & emotionally, with the people we love. 

If you want more information on Flexible Dieting my 1:1 Whole Body Health (Nutrition, Exercise & Mindset) Coaching program, click the link below. 

Fill out the short application & schedule your free call with me. Let me help you start the last ‘diet’ you ever have to start.

Author: Gracie

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