Inflamed: The Power to Heal

by Alexandria Bydalek There is a reason the discussion on inflammation is a hot topic. Chronic inflammation is the culprit of many life-altering diseases such as stroke, respiratory illness, heart disorders, cancer, obesity, and diabetes. It’s both good and bad news that your daily lifestyle choices contribute to the cause....

How to Hold Yourself Accountable

Plan for success. No matter what.


Exercises to Avoid when Recovering from an ACL Injury

Recovering from an ACL injury?


Recovering Methods: Kinesiology Tape

by Dr. Jennifer Hutton (Dr. J pop) You’ve likely seen it on many athletes - the brightly colored tape intricately weaved across different areas of the body - most commonly shoulders, lower back, or knees. It ranges from skin-toned to black to a variety of neon colors. Needless to say,...

Survivor Fitness Foundation

Beating cancer is just the beginning of their story.


Methods of Recovery: Float Therapy

by Lindsay Miller with Pure Sweat + Float Studio Of all the cutting-edge recovery methods available today, float therapy might just be the most relaxing. Also known as sensory deprivation therapy, floating is one of the recovery services Pure Sweat + Float Studio offers at its two locations in Belle Meade...

Methods of Recovery: Myofascial Release

by Lindsay Miller with Steve Kravitz Physical Therapy Developed in the 1960s by an osteopathic physician, Myofascial release, is a method of hands-on therapy that releases pain and tension with slow, prolonged stretching to affect a change in the connective tissues of the body, otherwise known as fascia. Think of the...

Get Your Mind Right!

You should be meditating more.


Treat Yo’ Self

An explanation to handling some of those pesky problems you’ve been dealing with.


Positive Mental Attitude: PMA

Reclaim belief in yourself.

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