Former NFL Stars & Titans Team Up

Former NFL Stars & Tennessee Titans Team Up Big names from both NFL are talking about their #Gearup campaign and what it means for the city. The NFL Alumni Association and the Tennessee Department of Health are taking a stand against the destruction of COVID-19 with the launch of the…


OptimizeU is changing health for nashville

Optimize U is Changing health in nashville You can’t change what you don’t know. By: Terry Barga After walking through the doors at OptimizeU in Nolensville, Tn, I am warmly greeted by the owner Josh Hudson at his front desk. As you might have guessed, most business owners are very…


Bros Let’s Talk Hormonal Health

Bros Let’s Talk Hormonal health By: NFM Men, it’s time we address your hormones… Yep, your hormones! As you well know, they play an important role in helping you sleep, having energy, and also muscle development. But, did you also know that it doesn’t have to be difficult to get…


Getting Over The Mental Hurdles

Getting Over The Mental Hurdles By: Omari Bernard Easier said than done right? We have all faced mental roadblocks that catch us dead on our tracks, and the truth is there will be more hurdles in our lives that we will have to face. The goal isn’t necessarily about eliminating…


How to Refuel Your Body After a Workout

Refueling after a workout is just as important as the workout itself.


Is the Music in Your Gym Too Loud?

Listen up!


Exercises to Avoid when Recovering from an ACL Injury

Recovering from an ACL injury?


Ask The Doctor

A few tips from the doctor.


How to Combat Holiday Fatigue

The holidays can be tough. Brush up on your stress tactics!


Fitting In Fitness

Fitting in fitness can be easier than you think!

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