Therapaint In Music City

Words from the TheraPaint Studio Founder, Jackie Laurian Long on bringing Nashville’s newest wellness
concept to life.
Q. What is TheraPaint Studio?
TheraPaint Studio is a first of its kind wellness concept offering a non-clinical approach to release
and process your emotions in a visual, cathartic way through the simple act of throwing paint.
Q. So, is it like a rage room or a splatter space?
It’s like the zen older cousin. Our studio is clean, luxurious, and uncluttered and provides a
nourishing space to release anything you’re letting go of. Because we compost, there is a level of
productivity and a liberation from perfectionistic tendencies. I wanted to avoid the violence, waste,
and destruction that comes from rage rooms, and splatter spaces don’t provide a fresh slate or
individual experience. Our approach offers an innovated elevated experience that is completely
private, clients have a pristine room and dedicated space to throw within, as well as high quality
eco-friendly materials that can grow something productive out of all that was expelled. We also
have a peaceful garden for reflection and the best location right in the heart of Nashville on Music
Q. Where did you get the idea for opening TheraPaint Studio and facilitating paint throwing
TheraPaint was born out of necessity. Have you ever felt like it was your job to hold all the pieces
together and not let them fall? I was overextended with all of the facets of my life and needed a
place to go to safely let things be messy and feel like I could let go of the balancing act without
having to talk about it. When things got overwhelming or stressful, I kept looking for an outlet that
would fulfill the need for release in a way that exercise or regular talk therapy couldn’t deliver and
was left without a solution. One day the idea hit me like a lightning bolt, “I just want to throw
paint!” It felt messy, nonviolent, big and impactful without breaking anything, and would leave an
amazing visual representation of what I was feeling on the inside. After more thought, I figured
that if we could compost everything that would make sure that something productive could come
out of the whole process! Thus, the idea was born. To read the rest of the story on the origin of
TheraPaint Studio, read it here on our TheraPaint Studio Website
Q. What is the TheraPaint mission?
Our mission is to help people through allowing them a safe space to access and release the
tangly parts of themselves and grow something productive from their experience.
Q. Describe what a paint throwing session is like in three words.
cathartic, surprising, fun
Q. What can you expect to find in a paint throwing session?
You will get to select your specially formulated compostable paint colors, which will be brought to
your private throwing studio, along with your paint suit, gear, and brushes. Your individual studio
will be clean and prepped with a wall of compostable paper to direct your throws at. Each room is
reserved for 45 minutes to get dressed and let it all fly. At the end of your session leave
everything where it is and walk away. We take care of the rest, and we’ll grow something beautiful
out of the energy you’ve given. After your session feel free to relax and reflect in our private
Q. So, I don’t get to take it with me?
No, that’s the whole point. You throw, you let go, and you grow… something beautiful.
Q. What are you looking forward to in bringing TheraPaint to the Nashville wellness
I’m most looking forward to providing people an additional outlet to untangle whatever they may
be going through in a productive and innovative way without having to use words. No
explanations are necessary. I’m also looking forward to connecting with other local groups and
wellness providers to be in collaboration as an additional resource in people’s mental health

Q. How have you found healing and connection to self through your own paint throwing
Paint throwing has given me the ability to leave my perfectionism at the door, let go of any
expectations, and truly allow an outlet for the things I may not even be able to explain. I also love
the feeling of seeing what I was feeling on the inside have a visual representation on the wall so it
really feels like it came through me and I no longer carry it within in the same way.
Q. What are your favorite parts about the beautiful space that houses TheraPaint Studio?
I love that the studio is located in an old house on historic Music Row. We were inspired by some
of the original architectural details of the home and those have influenced many of the decisions
in the design. I love that the house feels like a beautiful and comfortable haven for people to
come as they are. We were very intentional about each distinct space, I’m really excited for
everyone to come experience it for themselves.
Q. Where did you find the inspiration to marry paint throwing and compostable materials?
I didn’t want to create anything that didn’t have sustainability at the forefront. It was nonnegotiable
at the start of the business. Consciousness around our connectivity with nature feels synonymous
with our mission, so the paint, paper, and a number of other supplies are all composted after each
session. We also encourage people to reuse their paint suits for future visits. Additionally, we
wanted for something productive to come from the energy that was released in each session.
There is a lot of power in that! What better solution than to grow something beautiful from the
earth that comes from someone’s individual experience!
Q. Who should go to TheraPaint?
This studio is geared mostly towards adults, but everyone over the age of 10 is welcome for
sessions at TheraPaint. Children under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian present. If you
need an ADA compatible studio, just be sure to make a note of that in your booking, and we can
accommodate you.
Q. So, Is there anything else like this out there?
No! That’s why we are so excited to introduce this innovative method to the Nashville community
and beyond.
Q. Where is TheraPaint located in Nashville, and where can we follow along on socials?
We are located on Music Row, and you can follow us on instagram @therapaintstudio

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