She Found Herself Inside the Ring

As we sit in a boxing gym perched on the side of the ring, we dive deep into Cristee Forkins’ incredible journey, unfolding against the backdrop of Music City Boxing. Her story is not just about boxing; it’s about transformation, passion, and pursuing a dream that has taken her from a skeptic to a dedicated athlete.

Cristee reflects on her early perceptions of boxing, remembering the uncertainty she felt when she first stepped into Pepper Boxing with a ClassPass — two years at that gym, then the unexpected closure due to the pandemic. But the universe had a plan – Stevie, a former trainer at Pepper Boxing and now owner of Music City Boxing, approached her, igniting the spark for a new beginning as a competitive athlete.

What began as a quest for fitness evolved into a burning passion, gradually overshadowing her role as a chemical engineer in the tobacco industry. Music City Boxing became more than a place to blow off steam; it became the canvas on which Cristee painted her dreams of a full-time boxing career.

Moving from local bouts to national tournaments, Cristee narrates her journey across cities, a testament to her dedication. The conversation turns personal as she opens up about the profound impact boxing has had on her self-confidence and composure. In the face of losses, she emphasizes the role of a supportive community in pulling her back from the edge.

With an impressive record of 19 and six, including a dozen fights this year, Cristee shares the intense emotions of that first hit in the ring—the sting of reality, the awareness that this is more than just a sport—it’s a raw and awakening experience.

As Cristee gears up for the Olympic trials next month, her eyes sparkle with dreams of a full-time boxing career, sponsorship, and the pinnacle – Olympic success. Her journey, marked by physical and mental challenges, is an unwavering pursuit of a goal: the Olympics and, beyond that, professional world championships.

Cristee extends a heartfelt invitation to those contemplating boxing, stressing the importance of building connections and supporting fellow athletes. As the interview wraps, the focus shifts to the upcoming trials in Lafayette, Louisiana – a poignant chapter in Cristee’s story as she inches closer to the dream she holds dear.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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