Pure Sweat Sauna Studio Coming to The Gulch in January 2024

Debuting Nashville’s First Contrast Therapy Concept of Infrared Sauna + Cold Plunge

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (December 1, 2023) – 

—the award-winning parent company of the boutique wellness studios Pure Sweat + Float Studio and Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, established by Founder Candice Bruder in 2017—today announces the 2024 January opening of Pure Sweat Sauna Studio in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood at 810 Division Street. 

The studio will be the first of its kind in Nashville to offer contrast therapy, a wellness and recovery experience that alternates between hot and cold temperatures via full-spectrum infrared saunas by Sunlighten and cold plunge by BlueCube, a hugely popular trend within the $450 billion wellness industry

“People are more invigorated than ever about ways to empower their immune health and reduce stress and anxiety. Infrared sauna and cold plunging are leading this charge,” says Candice Bruder, founder of Pure Sweat Studios and owner of Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, the Gulch. “I assure you, there is no one more afraid of the cold than this native Floridian who saunas daily and steams nightly, and that’s exactly what inspires me about cold plunging; it teaches me how to triumph through challenge. I am lit up daily by thousands of clients who share their gratitude for feeling better.”

The 1,300-square-foot studio will have seven suites (six for infrared sauna and one for contrast therapy), a wellness lounge for events, and thoughtfully curated retail that complements the studio’s commitment to increased immunity, relaxation, and skin health. 

The sauna suites are outfitted with custom-designed infrared saunas by Sunlighten that deliver deep-tissue sweat and advanced healing benefits, including detoxification, immunity, weight loss, pain relief, skin health, and relaxation. Each 45-minute infrared sauna session is a fully-appointed, customizable experience with chromotherapy, complimentary access to entertainment and meditation apps, and a selection of self-care enhancements.

The contrast therapy suite pairs a Sunlighten infrared sauna with a cold plunge by BlueCube that allows for whole body and head submersion with a dynamic, river-like water current that maintains the chilled temperature. Benefits of contrast therapy include boosted energy, reduced anxiety, immune health, muscle recovery, and increased metabolism. Clients are guided through each 60-minute session with circuit programs suggesting alternating between the hot and cold therapies: Chromotherapy, breathwork, and sound treatment complete the experience available to individuals and groups.

Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, the Gulch, will offer Grand Opening Specials on packages and Founding Memberships. Introductory packages include Infrared Sauna 3-pack for $95 and Contrast Therapy 3-pack for $199. Founding Memberships have four (4) Infrared Sauna sessions for $99/month (plus one complementary Contrast Therapy session to be used within the first 30 days) or four (4) Contrast Therapy sessions for $239/month.

Founded in Nashville in 2017, Pure Sweat Studios is the brainchild of Candice Bruder, the first to introduce an infrared sauna and float experience to Nashville with Pure Sweat + Float Studio in Belle Meade. Pure Sweat Studios was franchised in 2018 and is rapidly growing with 20 total franchise and corporately owned locations nationwide. Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, the Gulch, marks the company’s 20th location and Candice’s third corporately-owned location in Nashville, joining her studios in Belle Meade and 12th South. 

In today’s world, with so much noise and stress, creating spaces where people can restore and replenish has been extremely rewarding to Bruder. In addition, her franchise platform empowers entrepreneurs to lead the movement of health, wellness, and connection within their communities. 

For more information, visit PureSweatStudios.com or follow along on Instagram @PureSweatSaunaStudio

About Pure Sweat Studios

Pure Sweat Studios offers award-winning, community-focused retreats for health, healing, and connection within, offering state-of-the-art infrared saunas, float therapy, and contrast therapy with a cold plunge. Founded in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2017 by Candice Bruder and franchised in 2018, Pure Sweat Studios is rapidly growing with 20 franchise and corporate-owned locations nationwide, operating under two brands, Pure Sweat + Float Studio and Pure Sweat Sauna Studio.

About Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, the Gulch

Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, the Gulch, is a wellness studio that offers an infrared sauna and contrast therapy, combining an infrared sauna with a cold plunge. Pure Sweat Sauna Studio, the Gulch, is located at 810 Division Street and is open daily, morning to evening. 


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