OptimizeU is changing health for nashville

Optimize U is Changing health in nashville

You can’t change what you don’t know.

By: Terry Barga

After walking through the doors at OptimizeU in Nolensville, Tn, I am warmly greeted by the owner Josh Hudson at his front desk. As you might have guessed, most business owners are very excited about their brands, as they should be. But Josh, before giving me a tour, wanted to know my story and how I was, nothing magical for some. For me, though, it was an indicator of experience and warmth. You get a real sense of knowledge when he speaks to you; a theme carried through the staff. After an informative tour, we interviewed Josh and his manager Matt who is a bit camera shy, but you can’t tell from the video.

We all had fun talking and laughing for a bit when we concluded the shoot. Again nothing unusual for me though it made the group feel like family. A real sense of safety gives a bit more confidence in the product. What’s the product? Well, where do we begin? You’ll have your recovery boxes checked, from cryotherapy and compression therapy to the infrared sauna and the cold plunge. My favorite thing was having my blood drawn, and my labs read to me, which we did over the phone, which was super convenient for me! What was also convenient was the way my blood work was read to me by Matt. He broke down the complex information, helped me understand what was happening in my labs, and never once tried to sell me anything. It wasn’t until I asked, “ok, how can you all help me change these numbers?” that he offered a few solutions.
I’ll let them tell you more here in the video!
For me, though, not only did I learn more about my body, I now have friends I trust to help optimize my health. 

Check them out!

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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