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Dive into this dynamic episode of the NFM Podcast inside the Game Day Men’s Health Studio as host Savanna Hill and special guest host Dylan from Provita Fitness sit down with fitness expert Mitch Harbaugh. Mitch shares an in-depth look at his brand, and the cutting-edge fitness program he champions through PRVN Crossfit, and discusses his personal journey within the fitness industry. Throughout the conversation, Mitch offers insights into the philosophy behind his approach, explaining how it’s designed to push clients to their peak performance levels and why it’s gaining traction among fitness enthusiasts. The discussion also delves into Mitch’s own fitness story, from his initial steps into the world of health and wellness to becoming a prominent figure advocating for high-intensity training. Listeners will get a firsthand account of the challenges and triumphs Mitch has encountered along the way, along with practical advice for anyone looking to enhance their fitness routine.


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