NFM Podcast Live From Music City Fit Expo 2024

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Join us for the final exhilarating episode of the Nashville Fit Magazine Podcast’s live series from the 2024 Music City Fit Expo, featuring two monumental figures in their respective fields. Hosts Sav and Gerell sit down with Alicia Mock, the visionary athlete-turned-entrepreneur behind Asesina Designs, and the legendary fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson.

Alicia Mock shares her compelling journey from being an athlete frustrated by the lack of suitable athletic wear to creating her own brand, Asesina Designs, which caters specifically to those seeking style without sacrificing comfort and fit. Discover how Alicia’s personal challenges led to the birth of a brand that’s redefining fashion norms for athletes and active individuals everywhere. Dive into her story, explore her designs at , and follow to stay updated on her innovative creations. In the same episode, delve into the life of Gunnar Peterson , a titan in the fitness industry known for his work with top athletes and celebrities.

Gunnar opens up about balancing a high-profile career with family life and shares insights into his philosophy on training, wellness, and sustaining success over a long and storied career.

Recorded live at the Music City Fit Expo, which continues to be the largest fitness expo in the South, this episode captures the essence of what makes the event a legendary weekend year after year. Whether you’re passionate about fitness, fashion, or looking for inspiration to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, this conversation with Licia and Gunnar offers a wealth of knowledge, motivation, and the real stories behind their success.

Don’t miss this finale of our live series from the Music City Fit Expo, packed with insights, inspiration, and incredible stories from two trailblazers who are reshaping their industries.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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