NFM Podcast Ep 3 Featuring Dani Dyer

Dani dyer Nashville native owner of Dani D. Fitness. 

Body positive fitness brand owner and certified personal trainer. 
Dani’s mission is to break the stereotype of what healthy and fit look like. If you believe you can accomplish your goals then you will. Sometimes you just have to create your own reality and community first. 
Loving yourself takes work but my mission is to help you love your body throughout all seasons of life with a healthy lifestyle regimen. to work with Dani D. Online programming or in person training. 
To buy Dani’s FIGHT energy booster. 
Stay up to date as Dani prepares for her next love your body adventure and is competing in the wellness division at the Tennessee state show and Nashville fit show in August as well as sponsoring both!
You can follow along on her Love your body podcast on Spotify and YouTube 

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