Maxim Partners with Carbon Performance to Redefine Fitness Communities

Maxim Partners, a leading private equity firm, has recently announced an exciting collaboration with Carbon Performance, a Nashville-based health and fitness club in Franklin, TN, marking a significant step in reshaping the landscape of gym experiences.

According to Jordan Roth, Vice President at Maxim Partners, Carbon Performance offers more than a state-of-the-art workout facility. It’s a place where members can enrich various aspects of their lives while achieving a stellar workout routine.

The distinctiveness of Carbon Performance in the fitness realm is evident as it transcends the conventional setup of corporate gyms and local bodybuilding centers. Brent Laffey, co-owner of Carbon, highlights their 30,000-square-foot facility as not just a gym floor but a holistic wellness destination. Their offerings include cutting-edge strength training equipment, diverse fitness classes, youth training, personalized nutrition coaching, daycare facilities, an anti-aging and weight loss clinic (Relive), saunas, cold plunges, and soon, even a barbershop.

Roth further emphasizes that Carbon Performance goes beyond being a health and wellness hub—it fosters a strong community, which resonated strongly with Maxim investors. The palpable engagement and camaraderie among members set Carbon apart as a genuine fitness family.

Maxim’s collaboration with Carbon Performance signifies a strategic move into the fitness and nutrition industry, aligning with their commitment to supporting entrepreneur-led businesses prioritizing impact. Roth underlines Maxim’s approach as more hands-on, likening it to a group of passionate investors dedicated to education and wellness.
While the partnership heralds geographical expansion for Carbon Performance, Laffey stresses that growth isn’t the sole focus. Instead, the collaboration aims to elevate the overall member experience while preserving the community-driven essence that defines their gym—reflecting Nashville’s vibrant and locally rooted spirit.

Looking ahead, Carbon Performance and Maxim are determined to expand their vision, envisioning Carbon members having access to outstanding gyms and unique communities across major US cities. The imminent opening of a second Nashville location in early 2024, situated in a prominent West Nashville development, signifies the beginning of this expansion.

Laffey expresses enthusiasm about the forthcoming Nashville site, affirming their commitment to spreading their distinctive approach to health and fitness to a broader community while staying true to their genuine hometown ethos.

The partnership between Maxim Partners and Carbon Performance signifies a paradigm shift in the fitness industry, promising physical transformation and a profound sense of belonging and community—a testament to their dedication to holistic wellness and local impact.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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