Learn How to Save a Life with Hands Serving Others CPR

At Hands Serving Others CPR, our motto is simple: “Everyone should know how to save a life.” We’re dedicated to making this a reality by providing hands-on CPR and AED training. As proud partners of the American Heart Association, we ensure that all our students receive a two-year certification upon course completion.

Why CPR/AED Training Matters

Cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death in the United States. Each year, 436,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest, with 350,000 of these cases occurring outside of a hospital setting. Shockingly, only about 40% of these victims receive bystander CPR before emergency medical services arrive.

Immediate action can make a significant difference. Research shows that nine in ten cardiac arrest victims who receive a shock from an AED within the first minute survive. However, only 50% of people can locate an automated external defibrillator (AED) at work. Given that there are 10,000 cardiac arrests annually in the workplace, there is immense potential to save lives. Immediate CPR and the use of an AED can double or even triple survival rates.

Make a Difference Today

Are you prepared to help change these statistics? Whether at a gym, at home, attending a ball game, or caring for a co-worker, friend, or loved one, your ability to perform CPR and use an AED can be lifesaving.

At Hands Serving Others CPR, we bring the training to you. Our mobile team of licensed and certified trainers will come to your business or facility, providing all necessary training materials, manikins, and practice AEDs. We’re here to ensure that your gym, business, staff, co-workers, friends, and family are ready to change and help save lives.

Don’t wait—schedule your class today and be prepared to make a difference.

To get started, visit [Hands Serving Others CPR](https://hsocpr.com/) or call (615) 236-6602.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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