Escalator Lunge with Red Pole

SET-UP: Standing on the front platform, facing the back, the foot of the primary leg steps onto the carriage. The foot of the secondary leg stays on the platform with the heel lifted, allowing the weight to go forward into the primary foot on the carriage. Feet are hips distance apart and shoulders and hips are square t the back.

ACTION: A. Bend the front leg to send the carriage out, making sure to keep the knee directly over the ankle. B. Press front foot into the carriage to lift up to standing, pulling with the muscles in the back of the leg- aka the hamstring. C. Using the red pole is optional, but it adds more intensity to the move, adding in upper body work and forcing the core to work harder to balance and stabilize while in this exercise. Muscles Worked: Hamstrings, glutes, quads, abdominals.

Sexy Back

SET-UP: Kneeling on the carriage facing the back, using the black cables/handles. The glutes are lifted off of the heels and the body hinged forward at an angle. Arms are bent, with the elbows pointing straight back.

ACTION: A. Squeezing the backs of the arms (the triceps), straighten the arms back, keeping the upper portion of the arm stationary. B. Bending at the elbows, keeping the elbows pointing back, return to starting position, keeping the elbows still. Muscles worked: triceps and rear deltoids.



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