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Catfish with a Push-Up

SET-UP: On the front of the machine, hands on upper handlebars, shoulders slightly behind the wrists, back is flat in a tabletop position, knees are slightly bent, toes are on the first red line, heels are lifted.

ACTION: While stabilizing the upper body and engaging the core, slowly send the carriage away. As the hips naturally drop, lower your upper body down for a slow-motion push-up.  While rising up to the tabletop position, press into the balls of the feet to drag the carriage back to the starting position, never losing the tension on the center core. Muscles worked: abdominals, triceps, shoulders and lats.

Super Lunge

SET-UP: Kneeling on the carriage facing the back of the Megaformer, with the black handles. Primary foot forward around the 3rd red line on the carriage. Keeping the back knee down on the carriage and curl the toes under onto the carriage, with the back heel lifted.

ACTION: A. Press front foot into the carriage and straighten both legs while drawing the black handles toward body on the way to standing. Engage the glutes and hamstrings in the back of the front leg. B. Bend both of the legs, dropping the body back down toward the carriage, and the back knee almost touches the carriage at the bottom of the move. Arms straighten while lowering toward the carriage and should be almost straight at the bottom of the movement. Muscles worked: glutes, hamstrings, quads, upper body, abdominals and back.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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