How To Put the Fun in Running Season

By: Megan Conner


Finally the sun is shining and we have left the gray, blustery cold of winter behind.  Long gone are the snow boots at the door – it’s time for flip flops, sandals, and most importantly – running shoes.  Lace them up and get them ready for spring, summer and fall – the peak of outdoor running.  

There are a lot of fun ways to enjoy the height of the running season.  Being a coach, I am always trying to find ways to keep clients motivated, inspired and happy on the roads, treads and trails.  Here are a few of my favorites ways for taking full advantage of the warmth of running season:

-Join a local running club.  There are always local running clubs going out on most nights of the weeks and weekends.  Get involved!  From group runs to meet ups, cookouts, beer runs, group races – you can choose how much you are comfy being involved with, but each club has something for everyone and it is a great way to meet people and find community.  

-Try a new route.  Check out Strava or Map My Run for people’s favorite local routes around town.  Try something new, see some new sights and be a tourist in your own town.

-Run with a friend or a date.  Find a friend or set a date to get some miles in.  There’s nothing better than a sweat party with someone else.  

-Sign up for a race.  If you have a goal and a set focus you’re more likely to give each workout a purpose and learn something along the way.  Whether it’s a 5k or adventure race, having a goal will give you something to work towards and have some fun along the way.  

-Make a new playlist.  Sometimes the most simple of things can be a big game changer when it comes to running.  Something new like a fresh playlist of your new favorite jams can really give you something to look forward to on your next few runs.  It’s always a great idea to change up what you’re listening to if you’re a runner who takes along music or headphones.  

-Get some new gear.  Looking for an excuse to buy new gear?  Here it is!  Sometimes something as simple as a new pair of shorts can add some spice to a run.  Check out your local running store for summer running gear.  (I’m a Fleet Feet fan myself).

-Sign up for a travel race!  There are tons of races these days in exotic locations or just really cool locations from the national parks to races over the pond.  From 5ks to ultra marathons.  If you’re a traveler, tacking on a trip with a race during racing season is a great way to explore a new city, get some miles and get a new piece of hardware (your new shiny finisher’s medal), plus make some really awesome new memories.  

-Summer travel = new fun places to run.  Since we’re on the subject of traveling, let’s hang out here for a moment.  A lot of people travel over the summer.  The big ball of light is shining high up in the sky and its peak running season.  If you’re traveling, what better way is there to see a city than to jog around it?  (The answer is there is no better way!).  Do some research before you go on safe locations to run, local running clubs, routes or parks and plan a jog while you’re away.  Take pictures and share your route and what you see along the way.  Your friends and followers love to actually follow along.

I want to encourage you all if you do sign up for a race, travel, run at all – share your story and progress.  Social media needs to be used more for inspiration these days and others will be so inspired by your goal and journey.  In turn, you will be more motivated.  It’s one big beautiful circle when it is used for good.  

No matter what you do this running season, be safe, aware, mindful, and mostly – have FUN. No excuses – you can always find the fun in running! 

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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