How BodyRok Found Its Home in Music City

How BodyRok Found Its Home in Music City

By Cortney Wilbanks

Pilates made its debut in the wellness space during the WW2 era. In order to stay fit for battle, soldiers would utilize bed frames to keep their bodies strong; making fitness more readily accessible. Joseph Pilates expanded on this method by creating the reformer, which helps individuals strengthen their core and increase flexibility. BodyRok entered the scene to change the narrative of pilates by adding variety and resistance. Using a uniquely designed machine including a jump-board, endless spring load options, three sets of rope, and a bungee cord; this isn’t your run of the mill pilates class. BodyRok is a boutique-style fitness class best known to keep participants coming back for more.

Owner of BodyRok Nashville, Ashlye Fleming, admits that her first introduction to the workout was not love at first sight. “I was in San Diego getting coffee with a girlfriend one Saturday morning and I instantly noticed that her arms looked ripped. I had to know what she was doing,” Fleming recalls. When her friend shared that BodyRok was the answer to her toned physique, Fleming knew that she had to try. When she first walked into class, Fleming expected to have the same experience that all reformer studios offered her in the past. She was sure that it was going to leave her dissatisfied and unchallenged. “All I can remember is being on the reformer and absolutely hating it; like what kind of crazy person would do that?!” Fleming laughed. Later that day, her body was feeling so sore that she knew that BodyRok was the source of the “good hurt.” The next day, Fleming went to the studio to sign up for an unlimited membership, and has yet to look back.

Fleming transitioned from participant to franchise owner in 2017 when she opened her first BodyRok studio in Sonoma county California. She built her fitness community in the area and felt like she had found her calling. When 2020 came along, the pandemic forced Fleming to close her studio doors for 11 months. Fleming knew her personal and professional time in CA had come to an end. She made the hard decision to sell her first born BodyRok location to a trusted friend and began to plan what was next. She and her family explored relocating to Sedona, Scottsdale, Denver, and Austin; ultimately winding up in Nashville.

Fleming recalls being instantly drawn to Nashville’s vibrancy and sense of
community. Despite the pandemic, Fleming understood that Music City’s young and active fitness community would benefit from the pilates programming 

BodyRok could offer. Her decision was solidified when Elton John’s hit song “Tiny Dancer” began to play in a hotel lobby. 

“This sounds so cheesy but that is mine and my husband’s song that tells us to trust the process,” she said.

Since relocating to Nashville Fleming has opened two BodyRok locations in The Gulch and Brentwood – with a third slated to open in Green Hills this November. Fleming’s goal is to establish a community where all can come, be challenged, and feel supported; creating a unique and loved experience for local Nashville residents and visitors alike.

To learn more about BodyRok visit or follow them on Instagram at @bodyroknashville

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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