Holistic Made Easy’s 2023 Gift-Giving Guide

By Adrienne Neale, Holistic Made Easy

I love Christmas a lot. Like, a LOT. Everything about it, except how I used to buy things without
thinking about ingredients, or thinking about supporting local businesses. Over the past several
years, I’ve swapped out typical gifts for things I think people will enjoy that are also GOOD for them.

This holiday season, I challenge you to join me in supporting local, small businesses over “big
box” companies, AND give healthier and more mindful gifts to everyone on your list!
Here’s my gift-giving guide for 2023; most of these are TN local small businesses I know and
love, others are just so dang awesome I had to share because they’ve helped my family in our
wellness journey.

BONUS: Many of these things are shippable nationwide, too!


TLDR: Give these to your people for holiday gifts this year. They will love it and you’ll be
deemed the Gift Hero of the Year. You might want to snag some of these for yourself, too!

For the person who has EVERYTHING– gift a new experience that supports health!
● Cryotherapy (iCryo Nashville, ZIVEL)
● Salt Cave (Serenity Salt Cave- with three locations around Middle TN)
● Float (ZIVEL, Pure Sweat + Float Studio Cool Springs)
● Acupuncture at Modern Acupuncture (Cool Springs & Murfreesboro)

For that someone who loves being pampered or could use some de-stressing self-care-
● Facial, body treatment or assisted lymphatic therapy from Nourishing Skin Coach
● Bundle up shower steamers, sugar scrub and indulgent lotion from Bee Purely Radiant
● Immerse in relaxing lavender with LavenderGirl’s sachets, lip balms, bath bombs,
For the practical person on your list-
● Infrared sauna sessions (ZIVEL, Pure Sweat + Float Studio)
● Salt lamp (Serenity Salt Cave)
● Blue blocking glasses (Amazon has affordable, stylish options) or blue-blocking lights for
your home (Hooga)
● Thermography scan from Sozo Thermography (partial, chest or full body)

● Portable grounding mats, socks or blankets (like grounding outside barefoot, but take it
anywhere!) (Hooga)
● Probiotic plant-based cleaners for home, hands + pets! (Culleoka Company)
For the tech-savvy individual-
● Infrared sauna sessions locally or buy your own infrared sauna (Synergy Science’s
compact & portable low-EMF sauna is my fave!)
● Red & infrared light therapy from Hooga
● EMF-diffusing clothing from Hooga

For the foodie in your life-
● Gift small-batch, fermented hot sauces from local veteran-owned Ouchonder Chili Co.
● Indulge in gourmet mushrooms, mushroom tinctures and drink blends from Hempin
● The Dotted Lime’s gluten free baking mixes are a delicious option
● Snag a gift card for Herban Market in Franklin
● Sip on organic, clean, small-batch roasted coffee that brings fair trade wages to coffee
farmers in over 16 countries with Share Collective & Roastery
● Splurge on organic cotton candy with Pandy Cotton Candy in over 50 flavors!
For the kiddos (and big kids, too!)- choose making memories & activities over plastic!
· snag tickets to Noble Springs Dairy to cuddle goats this Spring
● get a membership to the Nashville Zoo or a local indoor climb/trampoline park (Urban
Air is our favorite)
● Check out Brickeology, where the builders in your house can host a LEGO party, or
check out one of their engaging STEAM camps or classes!

I hope this list inspires you and brings recipients joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas!
(You might just have to drop hints for some of these items for yourself, too!)

I hope this list inspires you and brings recipients joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas!
(You might just have to drop hints for some of these items for yourself, too!)
Check out the full list of recs HERE!

Let’s connect! Find me @holisticmadeeasy on Instagram or Facebook.

Disclaimer: this article is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to be regarded as medical advice or to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure disease or health issues. Consult a trusted practitioner before engaging in the mentioned activities as every BODY is different and has different needs and levels of sensitivity depending on diet, overall health, and other factors. The link includes discount codes and/or a couple of affiliate links to trusted products, where I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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