Fit Friday Trainer Feature With Ryan Flood

Fit Friday Trainer Feature w/ Ryan Flood

Iron Wolf Weightlifting is located in the Carbon Performance space in Franklin Tn. Ryan is the owner and his passion is to make the complex form of Olympic Lifts Simple.

Tucked away in Franklin, Tennessee, we road-tripped down 65 south to meet Ryan Flood of Iron Wolf Weight Lifting. It didn’t take long for Ryan’s passion for the technicality of Olympic Weight Lifting to shine in a way that made you feel informed but also safe. A mixture of things we believe to be elements of an elite trainer. Ryan is an elite trainer and athlete with several medals for himself and his clients!

It can be hard to be a humble communicator when you have such outstanding achievements, but not for Ryan. First, he skillfully explains the specifics of the exercise he is asking you to perform. Then, once you have achieved said exercise, he’s the first to help you break down the movement to increase efficiency. What good is strength without efficiency, and what good is efficiency if your body mechanics aren’t operating at their potential? All things Ryan can answer for you! Get to know him in this video, and be sure to give him a follow on instagram

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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