Fit Friday Trainer Feature w/ Jess Tuzo

This workout is brought to you by Squeeze Massage located in Brentwood Tennessee.

Go check them and out and tell them that Nashville Fit Magazine sent you.

We are excited to team up with Jess on this fun workout! We think you’ll love it. Here it is in written form

Durability Themed Workout 1x @ Each Movement

Same Arm Same Leg Step up- 1min per side 2 Rounds/ 2 Rounds

Same Arm Same Leg Reverse Lunge- 1min per side/ 2 Rounds

Inchworm Series- 2pt Plank(opposite arm and leg) + Push-up- 4min AMRAP

Single Arm KB Overhead March- March 30ft down and back, switch sides after 1min. 1min per side/ 2 Rounds

Follow Jess here @jessicaleetuzo Find her working hard at Madabolic Nashville!

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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