Fit Friday Trainer Feature w/ Deena Prichard

Fit Friday Trainer Feature w/ Deena

Meet Deena! She is the head instructor at Row House in Cool Springs. Deena has been training in the Nashville area for over a decade and you can tell. She’s knowledgable and very motivational.

I love coaching at Row House because the workout is true to the sport, there is a purpose and a goal for every thing we do. We say every stroke counts, every stroke matters. That goes for what we do but also for who we are. We welcome, inspire, and celebrate everybody and we leave no rower behind! We row together, we pull together, we go further together.
I am currently the lead coach for Row House Cool Springs and Row House Sylvan Park
I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness trainer, row coach,  & Health and Life Coach
I have been in fitness for 18+ years. I have 3 beautiful kids (18,14, & 8) and a wonderful husband, we live in Brentwood with our aussie doodle, Tobi-Wan-Kenobi
@rowhousecoolsprings @rowhouse_sylvanpark

Grab a towel and let’s get sweaty together with her work out! 

Go follow her Here on Instagram

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Author: NFM Staff

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