Finding Your Competitive Spirit With Tom Regal

Finding Your Competitive Spirit With Tom Regal

By: Emily Stokes

Tom Regal sits down with Nashville Fit Magazine to discuss his triathlon coaching and bike fitting business, TriTomR Endurance. Tom shares his personal fitness journey, starting out to better himself and now helps others do the same through his coaching and bike fitting. Backed by extensive research, Tom’s methods have helped people achieve their fitness goals and have enabled many to accomplish feats they never thought possible. 

Coaching Services

Tom offers multiple Triathalon coaching services to ensure your fitness goals are met. Whether your training for a race or in an off-season, Tom is available to help you along the way. All of Tom’s services include a customized plan built just for you so you can crush your next PR, stay in-shape during the off-season, and feel your best. Check out his website for more information on Tom’s coaching services: 

Bike Fitting

Unlike most bike fitting shops, Tom doesn’t sell any bikes. Tom works independently from bike shops to ensure you are fitted on the right bike for you, rather than trying to make a sale. Tom’s expertise spans beyond triathlon bikes to include all bike types so you can feel more confident and comfortable, no matter why you’re riding. Check out his website for more information on Tom’s bike fitting services: 

Listen to Tom’s Podcast, Athletes in Motion

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