A Beam Of Hope

A Beam Of Hope

 How a local supplement brand used adversity to create products that look and taste great.


Named after the cancer treatment that cured him, Mike Yewdell has helped create a brand that combines health, philanthropy, and quality in the supplement market.

While undergoing cancer treatment, Yewdell could not help but notice how awful his vegan protein tasted. “I remember saying that once I get out of there, I was going to learn how to make a vegan protein that tasted good,” laughed Yewdell. With fun flavors like cinnamon cereal, blueberry muffin, and peppermint mocha, it is safe to say that Yewdell has achieved his goal.

Using branding that has a pop of color and marketing that looks more like fun than work, Beam aims to tell the story that your journey to a healthier you does not have to mean countless hours spent in the gym.

Manufactured in Spring Hill, TN, Beam delivers quality products at an affordable price. Giving credit to the Nashville fitness community for Beam’s growth and support, they look forward to expanding their mission throughout Music City. Check out Beam! On Instagram


NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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