Tools to Alleviate Stress

by Jenna Wolf

Body Back Buddy

One of the oldest trigger point self-massage tools on the market, the Body Back Buddy is a must have in every home. Designed with 11 perfectly placed therapy knobs to hit hard to reach tender bits like the neck and shoulders, lower back, glutes, and feet giving you effortless relief of spasms and knots. A great tool to have on hand for those days your favorite massage therapist is booked!

Cork Yoga Block

Long hailed by yogis for its ability to align the body and release unwanted strain throughout a yoga practice, the cork yoga block is a great tool for non-yogis too. While humble in appearance this yoga prop has the ability to comfortably ease lower back and hip pain in just a few breaths. Lie back and place the block on its lowest level underneath your sacrum (the hard flat bone at the base of the spine), keeping your knees bent as you relax your hips in to the block. After a few moments, begin extending your legs straight, creating more space in the lumbar spine. Use the higher sides of the block for a deeper release.

Trigger Point Twin Block Pro

Tension headaches almost always form a band of pain above both ears—in the same location that a headband or eyeglasses are worn. Whether triggered by seasonal allergies, long days at the computer or heavy lifting at the gym, the twin block pro tool hits the Sub-Occipital muscle triangle at the base of the skull; the origin of tension headache pain. Simply lie down and place the back of your head onto the Twin Block Pro, take a deep breath and let gravity do the rest.

Mahanarayan Oil

Mahanarayan Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic (Indian holistic medicine) oil prepared in a base of sesame oil and infused with anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, ginger, cardamom and tulsi. A nourishing and strengthening oil with rejuvenating and analgesic qualities, it is used to soothe sore muscles and tendons, reduce inflammation in the joints and rehydrate the synovial fluids of the body. Apply this oil daily to localized areas of physical discomfort.

Epsom Salt Soak

This widely known European folk remedy has been used throughout the ages as a treatment for arthritis pain and swelling; bruises and sprains; fibromyalgia; insomnia; and soothing sore, tired muscles. Epsom Salt, a.k.a. Magnesium Sulfate, is a compound of two vital nutrients necessary for a number of bodily functions including muscle control, electrical impulses, production of energy and detoxification. Magnesium and sulfate are easily absorbed through the skin which makes an Epsom salt bath a great way to replenish these nutrients in your body.

Dharma Yoga Wheel

The Dharma Yoga Wheel is the original and first wheel prop of it’s kind. This revolutionary tool is specifically designed to match the contour of the spine and help aide in back bending for both athletes and house holders alike. It offers a variety of supported positions to help stretch the abdomen and hip flexors, develop back flexibility, expand the chest and open the shoulders. A great way to counterbalance the daily forward spinal curve resulted from sitting at the computer or driving.

Thai Rosewood Reflexology Stick

Thai reflexology is an integral part of traditional Thai yoga massage, as well as a respected and proven treatment on its own. It is an art form that has been handed down through an unbroken chain of masters for centuries incorporating elements of Japanese shiatsu, Chinese reflexology, and Ayurvedic yoga. A small rosewood stick, made and blessed by Buddhist monks, is used to stimulate the reflexology points of the feet and hands. Use this tool around the toes, through the arch and heel of the foot, and in the thick muscle at the base of the thumb.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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