The Perfect Date

by Lindsay Miller

Chocolate. Roses. Cards. Balloons. If you’re tired of pre-fixed menus and over-booked tables, I’ve got the perfect date for you and your significant other this Valentine’s Day. Flying solo? Grab a new fling or arrive as a single and try something new!

It’s very possible you may have seen some people doing acroyoga in the park or online. Maybe you’ve seen some epic photos of two yogis balancing effortlessly on each other’s feet and/or hands and thought, “Wow. That’s incredible! I will never be able to do that.”

Well, I’m here to remove all of your inner doubts because you don’t have to be a gymnast or seasoned yogi to try this partner-based workout. It’s for everyone, no matter the personality, shape, size, or skill. And it’s a great way to spice up any relationship.

We all know when we exercise, our bodies release chemicals called endorphins, triggering that “happy” feeling that can help relieve stress. Acroyoga infuses yoga and acrobatics by executing a series of balancing acts. Combine that with trying something new and entertaining, and you’ve got the ingredients for a playful evening.

Remember when you were on a first date and you weren’t sure when it was appropriate to break the touch barrier? In acroyoga, you’ll jump right in, literally, with hands, feet and body holds
right out of the gate, which is great for getting to know someone.

It’s a form of artful movement. Now, I’m not talking about slow, sensual movements, or sitting in one another’s lap. This isn’t the mushy stuff. You will essentially be performing small circus acts. Left hand on right foot—right foot on left hip—right leg on left butt cheek—now twist, spin, and hold. It’s like a game of human Twister, and your instructors will demo each movement slowly to emphasize each person’s main responsibilities.

As the flyer, or person elevated, you are constantly flexing and moving into dynamic positions by the base, sometimes activating your entire body to strike a pose. Balance, self-confidence, and core strength are utilized the most.

As the base, you are responsible for holding the Flyer in various positions while lying on your back. This enables both the arms and legs to be “bone-stacked” for maximum stability and support of your partner. You will be using your feet (generally placed on the flyer’s hips, groin, or lower abdomen) and hands.

Communication is key—not only verbally, but with your body too. Sound familiar? You and your date will physically feel each other out as you move each other and establish a connection, studying and adapting to each other’s strength and agility while you counterbalance one another.

Going through each movement is a trust fall each time. If you aren’t specific and communicate, you may fall, get dropped, or slip out of each other’s grip. But if you fall, you fall. You can always get back up, learn from your mistakes, and try again.

Discussing what went wrong and how to correct it is a natural part of acroyoga, and it strengthens your bond for the next movement. Completing a flow gives each couple a sense of accomplishment. Amazing things can happen when you work together to solve each aerial puzzle.

Plus, if you can get out of your comfort zone, and try not to giggle, it can be sexy too.

Acroyoga is about finding support, confidence and community, much like a relationship. But most of all, it’s about having fun and experiencing something unique.

It’s new. It’s different. And it’s vulnerable. You’ll not only learn about yourself, but also your partner. The best part is, it won’t be the same, boring night out. Although, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn away flowers!


NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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