The Capitol Hill Circuit: Full Body Workout

By: Nick Arbuckle 

The sun is out in Music City and warm weather is upon us. As many of us have experienced, peeking out of your workplace window only produces soul-crushing FOMO at the sight of sunny and 75. Fortunately, Spring opens up endless possibilities to expand your fitness regimen to free, outdoor areas all over town. 

Working every major muscle group, the Capitol Hill Circuit is an all-in-one workout at the very heart of Nashville designed for anyone wanting to tone legs, core and arms all while learning a bit about the State’s rich history. 

Opened in 1859, the Tennessee Capitol’s multi-level terrain provides space for an intense full-body, calisthenic exercise without the need to lug around weights or equipment. The grounds, inspired by 19th century Greek Revival architecture, are filled with statues, columns and fountains perfect for chiseling your preferred physique.   

Looking to get back into the rhythm of your fitness routine or just try something new?

Check out this Capitol Hill Full Body Circuit:

Run Up Grassy Hill

1). 15 Arm Dips on Concrete Ledge at Top of Stairs // Lunges Across Deck Toward Hull Building

2). 15 Incline Push Ups on Concrete Benches // Run Up Second Staircase Toward Building

3). 15 Box Jumps on Concrete Cubes by Andrew Jackson on Horseback // Run Down Stairs to the Right of Andrew Jackson

4). 15 Body Squats at Foot of Stairs // Recovery Walk Down 6th Ave North Toward Push Up Benches

5). 15 Decline Push Ups on Concrete Benches // Lunges Across Deck Toward Arm Dip Ledge

6). 10 Plank Walkouts in Grass at top of stairs, Hold last plank for 45sec (in grass)

Jog Down Steps to Bottom of Hill


Plenty of parking is available after 5pm and on weekends. Be sure to wrap up your workout before dusk. Rumor has it the haunted remains of 11th President James K. Polk lay in a tomb nearby.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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