Talking Back to Your Inner Voice

by Brittani Wood

Girl, they are going to think you’re crazy. Are you really going to bring up this topic? Out of all the things you could write about, this is what you choose?” Meet the words of my fearful, yet protective inner voice whilst brainstorming for this article. Now before you flip the page or roll your eyes, stay with me for a moment. As I am confident this internal voice has appeared at least once since you opened this issue.

This is the same voice that takes over your peaceful shower time to rant about anything and everything. The one that plants the seeds of doubt or fear when someone doesn’t respond to your text or call right away. The same one that develops all the elaborate stories and beliefs that could alter the way you go about experiencing life. This inner voice, gone unchecked, has the power to make you feel less than or too much. Becoming aware of this voice and the authority you’ve allowed it to have is just as important as learning to not let it control you.

To ensure we’re all on the same page, let’s pause here to say, “hi.” Yes, we’re actually going to say, “hello” to our pesky inner chatterbox. To assist in this exercise, go ahead and read this prompt or switch up the vocab for whatever feels right to you: “Hey voice… uhh this gal is asking me to say hi to you, are you there?” As I wrote that, my inner voice responded with “no” – such a jokester. What did yours say?

Stay with me, I promise now that we’ve addressed and become aware of it, I invite you to take it a step further in understanding your inner voice. As you continue to peruse this magazine and go about your day, remain mindful of the inner voice you just said, “hello” to. Pay attention to not only what it is saying, but when. Lean into the words and determine how those words make you feel. Are these words you would confidently say out loud? To your best friend or even to the little child walking past you at the grocery store? Look at it this way: Would you dare say those words to your cherished and lovable pet when you get home? If you’re anything like me, which you are since you’re human, this inner voice may need to be held accountable every once in a while.

Here is my point: The most efficient way to hold your inner voice accountable is to first, simply acknowledge the rumbling inside. Generally, this means taking a moment to listen, accept, maybe thank your inner voice for her perspective and then provide her permission to let it go. With practice, this can be done with a few deep breaths and less than a minute of focus. Other times, it takes more effort to calm the inside. When these moments arise, it is useful to physically write it down – the very feelings, emotions or overwhelming thoughts that demand attention. Just remember to be gentle and to be kind.

The stories, the fears, the harsh words we may say to ourselves, exist because they are trying to protect you – however misguided and unwarranted they might be. Once you provide your inner voice, your inner pal, the opportunity to be heard, understood and nudge it to only speak kindly of you and others, the lens in which you see and experience life will alter forever. You are whole, complete, and perfect just as you are and this is your time to step into your power, with peace and love for yourself through a little bit of listening.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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