Redline Quality Fitness Continues To Make The Nashville Fitness Community A Priority

Celebrating its third anniversary earlier this year in April, Redline Quality Fitness is a training facility located near Maryland Farms in Brentwood founded on the principles of community, accountability and quality through fitness. Owner Devin Tolentino has had decades of experience in the fitness industry and offers his members group fitness strength and conditioning training for all levels.

Devin and his team know all too well the power of community and have worked hard to develop a strong family inside Redline’s walls. They also know the importance of extending that community and have been dropping in to support local gyms in the area since they opened.

“As a gym, we have always prioritized educating ourselves, stepping out of our comfort zone and supporting the growing fitness industry in Nashville. We want other gym owners and coaches out there grinding it out to know that we respect and value their efforts in promoting and practicing excellence through fitness,” Devin says.

“The #REDLINEWorldTour, as we like to call it, is about recognizing that we are not an island and we can all learn from each other. As professionals in the industry it’s important to always be experiencing all of the great offerings of fitness our city has to offer.”

We couldn’t agree more!

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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