Local Pro Skateboarder Jake Wooten Partners With Red Bull For Community Skate

By: Staff Writer
Photos by Robby Klein

October 26, 2020 | Nashville, TNThe quintessential 2020 celebration has been the drive-by, honking horns, decked out cars and cheering on loved ones has become a staple of social distancing festivities, yet Nashville has never seen a caravan quite like this before. On Sunday, pro skateboarder and Tennessee-native Jake Wooten returned home to up the ante on the drive-by concept.

Jake, along with this hometown friends including the team at Sixth Avenue Skatepark, loaded up the Red Bull vehicle and brought their own mobile skatepark to Nashville skaters itching to get out of their houses. He hit the streets stopping at four different locations throughout the city for 30-minute jam sessions complete with rails and ramps before moving onto the next spot. The neighborhoods Jake stopped by included Antioch, Bellevue, Madison, and Franklin.

Jake grew up just north of Nashville in the town of Gallatin. It was there where he honed his skills that earned him first place at the Vans Park Series in 2018 and a spot among skating’s rising stars. Now at only 20-years-old, Jake returned home to deliver the gift of skate directly to the front steps of Nashville’s ever-growing skate community.

“It was great to see all my friends who I haven’t been able to visit since all of this started.” Jake said after a day of skating. “It felt so good to bring some fun and normalcy to these Nashville skaters.”

This year’s break in competition hasn’t been ideal for Jake or any of his peers in the skateboarding world but being able to bring some joy to Nashville made this visit home extra special.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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