Not Your Average Spin Class

Krank Nashville is a high energy cycle and strength studio located in the heart of Green Hills. Lights down! Music up!


Cycling is an addictive ride, and it can cater to any and all fitness levels. One hour to let the day go and get into your fitness groove. “At Krank, it’s all about the music, intensity and energy! The objective is quality and an out of the box ride that will take your fitness to another level.”

“Riders work not just their legs, but their core, arms and always the butt! It’s a total body exercise.”


If your fitness goals include weight and/or fat loss, you’ve come to the right place. Individuals can burn anywhere between 400-600 calories per average 60-minute spin class.

Strap in and let the program do the rest. “Interval training boosts your aerobic capacity as well as increases lactate threshold to set your fat on fire. That’s because they significantly raise your metabolism, extending the calorie burn for hours after hopping off the bike.”


“For such a high-intensity workout, spinning is a low-impact, which makes it suitable for those trying to balance out high-impact exercising like running or those who have joint problems.”

When your bike is set up properly and you have the appropriate footwear, you’ll never have to worry about leaving an indoor cycling class with throbbing knee pain or stiffness in the hip joints.

“The circular motion allows for proper flexing and extending, while avoiding stress that can often be found in other activities such as running or traditional aerobics classes.”


The group personal training at Krank is designed to encourage ongoing group support and fun with the satisfaction of pushing yourself to the next level of our fitness.

“Even though our classes are in a group setting, participants still get the one on one attention and modifications they would receive in a personal training session. It’s important to remember, everyone’s experience and intensity levels are different too, so the more feedback we get, the better the class becomes.”

Krank up a new fitness level today and see what your body is missing!

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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