New to Nashville – Sept/Oct 2018

True Food Kitchen
3996 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215

True Food Kitchen will open its first Tennessee location in Nashville at Vertis Green Hills on September 26. Founded in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2008, True Food Kitchen is a restaurant and lifestyle brand inspired by the philosophy that food should make you feel better, not worse, and that great tasting food and thoughtfully crafted beverages can serve as the foundation for a life well lived.  The restaurant is driven by a passionate collective of accomplished chefs, visionary restauranteurs, and a renowned doctor of integrative medicine – who believe delicious dining and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand, without sacrificing flavor, creativity, or indulgence. True Food’s seasonal menu is guided by the principles of Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory food pyramid.  True Food Kitchen emphasizes wholesome, simple ingredients with simple preparations to highlight the natural health benefits and flavors of each ingredient. From nutrient-dense staples and carefully sourced proteins to little-known superfoods, True Food Kitchen is committed to sourcing the most responsible, creative, freshest, in-season ingredients. To learn more, visit

Artista Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
4012 Hillsboro Pike Suite 2A  Nashville, TN 37215

Artista Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a family-owned martial arts academy located in the Green Hills area in Nashville. They focus solely on the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and provide clean, large, high-end training facilities with an environment designed to inspire their students. Most of their students started with zero martial arts training, so they have both basics and fundamental classes on the schedule to help get beginners started. For the more experienced students, Artista provides both advanced and competition classes. They have students ranging from 3 years old to mid-sixties. Artista’s goal is, no matter your background or level of experience, to provide a welcoming, safe environment to grow as an athlete, BJJ practitioner and person. The owner  and head instructor, Felix Garcia, is joined by several additional coaches to provide a well-rounded base of experience. If you’ve ever thought about giving Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or martial arts a try, send them an email or give them a call and they will get you setup with a FREE introductory class. | 615-364-2847

818 19th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203

HOTWORX is a virtually instructed exercise program created for users to experience the many benefits of infrared heat absorption, while completing a 30 minute isometric workout or a 15 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. HOTWORX (HWX) was created for customers who want to flush toxins from their body and burn massive amount of calories in the process. As the infrared heat penetrates your system causing you to sweat, the isometric postures further accelerate detoxification by physically removing the toxins from your organs through muscle contraction. HOTWORX can help improve strength, cardio, flexibility, circulation, immunity, while also burning fat, decreasing workout recovery time, increase metabolism, and much more! Whether you are looking to polish off your regular workout routine or looking for new ways to live a healthier lifestyle, HOTWORX will be a major component of your beauty, wellness, and fitness program. HOTWORX is coming soon to the Midtown district of Nashville. We’re looking forward to taking a class soon!

Modern Acupuncture
1731 Mallory Ln #109, Brentwood, TN 37027

Modern Acupuncture is the nation’s first franchise to make the natural health and cosmetic benefits of acupuncture available to people in an accessible and affordable delivery. Modern Acupuncture offers an enhanced acupuncture experience that utilizes needle therapy on nodes to increase blood flow, but unlike traditional acupuncture, does not require the removal of any clothing to access full-body health. The cosmetic acupuncture offering is a true differentiator that has become increasingly popular at each location, providing a safer and more natural alternative to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Treatments are administered by acupuncturists who have been certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) after completing a three-year master’s degree from an accredited school. Licensed acupuncturists utilize needle therapy on nodes to increase blood flow, but unlike traditional acupuncture, does not require the removal of any clothing to access full-body health; treatments are performed on feet, legs, arms, and face. A visit to Modern Acupuncture feels like a relaxing retreat, where guests can unwind and possibly even fall asleep, zoning out to peaceful music all while experiencing the healing and/or cosmetic benefits of acupuncture. Sessions are typically 30 minutes or less, and walk-ins are welcome.

TYLT Cycle
139 12th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37203

TYLT Cycle, opening at the end of August, in the North Gulch, is a revolutionary, indoor cycling studio that offers cycling, strength training, and yoga, all under one roof. If these classes alone don’t bring fitness enthusiasts to a new level, the LED “nightclub” lighting and heart-pumping music will be sure to take you on a one-of-a-kind fitness journey you have yet to experience in Nashville. TYLT has partnered with Real Ryder to exclusively introduce an innovative, three-dimensional cycling technology. Not only do these bikes burn 20% more calories than a stationary bike, but they focus on rhythm, sway, motion, cardio, balance, and cadence, unlike any other indoor cycling studio around. Don’t call it a stationary bike. TYLT Cycle will offer riders six different classes from which to choose: Strictly Cycling; Express Cycle (30min); Cyclone (which incorporates cycling and strength and plyometric stations); Tylt Triple Threat aka TTT (15min cycle, 15min floor, 15min cycle); and, on the weekends CycleFlow (25min cycle – 45min vinyasa flow). Additionally, for those looking to have more of a one-on-one experience or are looking to host their own cycling party, TYLT will also offer private rides, giving you the option to pick your instructor, personalize your playlist, and receive one-on-one attention from our staff. Owners Allison Jacob, Paige Fuson and DeMarco Murray are (individually) about as opposite as they come, but together, they are bringing Nashville one wild ride!

3990 Hillsboro Pike Suite 200, Nashville, TN 37215

The Atlanta-based fitness concept SculptHouse opened in the Vertis Green Hills in August. Created by former athlete, Wilhelmina fitness model, and Lagree Fitness instructor, Katherine Mason, the one-of-a-kind program is the world’s first to combine the Lagree Fitness Megaformer with a treadmill. While working as a Lagree Fitness instructor in NYC, Katherine saw a need from clients to combine the full-body toning workout Lagree offers with high-intensity interval training on a treadmill. After realizing that no other studio had created this method, she partnered with Megan Armstrong, SculptHouse’s Creative Director + Master Instructor, to come up with SculptHouse’s signature 50-minute workout. The signature CardioSculpt program features 25 minutes of strength training on a Megaformer and 25 minutes of cardio intervals on a human-powered treadmill called a Woodway Curve. This unique combination ensures a low-impact but high intensity workout for participants of any fitness level, age or injuries. The SculptHouse boutique features over 30 different lines from around the world, including athleisure shoes, clothing and accessories. Located at 3990 Hillsboro Pike Suite 200, SculptHouse Nashville is led by Anne Marie, Former NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader who has been a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in Nashville for the past 8 years.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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