New Beginnings Center Teams up with Agrin Health To Help Women Thrive in a COVID World

On July 6th, The New Beginnings Center (TNBC) announced a new partnership with Agrin Health. This partnership will provide clients of TNBC access to Agrin Health’s Health eBiography® web-based health record application. The pilot program saw 35 women participate.

“What gets measured gets managed, and we are excited to see the positive impact Health eBiography® has on our clients’ outcomes,” said Tash Weddle, founder and CEO of The New Beginnings Center. “The Health eBiography® provides an easy, effective tool for our clients to track nutrition and healthy behaviors like drinking water, hours of sleep, self-care activities and movement.”

“We know that the highest-performing care teams successfully manage the cycle of understanding what’s going on with their patients or clients and engage them in the actions needed to make progress,” said Karen Thomas, founder and CEO of Agrin Health. “We also know that a collaborative flow of information is necessary to facilitate this cycle.”

“The team at The New Beginnings Center has already achieved amazing results for the women of the Nashville community, and we are honored to facilitate the improved information exchange that supports their efforts to help more women achieve and sustain a healthier lifestyle, especially as the stress and disruption to our daily routines caused by the COVID pandemic threatens our ability to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors.”

One of their clients, Camilla, stated, “The Agrin Health app is very user friendly and I love that I can use the app in the moment right after I complete a New Beginnings workout.”

Another, Misty, says the “New Beginnings [Center] has worked very hard to not let social distancing and stress get me off track even though I’m working from home and also homeschooling two kids.”

The benefits of this new partnership include:

A streamlined approach to tracking healthy behaviors that will improve a client’s overall compliance and success

Ease of providing data on client compliance and progress to TNBC’s coaching staff

Better health outcomes for clients and improved efficiencies in data collection

TNBC clients retain the Health eBiography® for life and can use it for their family as well as with other care team members

The New Beginnings Center has been serving economically disadvantaged women in the Nashville area since 2011 by providing them with world-class nutrition, lifestyle and fitness coaching. Through the nonprofit’s programs, clients attend classes free of charge, or for a small fee based on a sliding scale dependent on income, for 12 weeks and have access to exercise classes for as long as they would like after they complete the program. Since the nonprofit started, more than 3,000 Nashville women have participated in its programs, and have had successful outcomes that include weight loss, increased daily physical activity and reduced blood pressure. Learn more about The New Beginnings Center’s online and in-person programs by visiting

Agrin Health is a next-gen health tech company focused on facilitating collaboration between Health+Wellness consumers and their care teams, and on enabling consumers to participate fully in achieving better health outcomes. The Health eBiography® application makes it easy for providers and their patients/clients to maintain a relationship between visits, inform their decisions with social determinant and other illusive data, and remove barriers to care plan adherence. For more information, visit

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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