Nashville’s Largest Personal Training Studio Next Level Fitness

When Jack Haynes first set out to build a personal training facility, he didn’t know that one day he would be responsible for creating the largest personal training studio in Nashville. “I had a vision for the future of fitness in Nashville and wanted to create a productive and professional environment for trainers and their clients. I thought long and hard about what would make the best venue for helping people achieve positive lifestyle changes, and I believe Next Level Fitness embodies that vision today.”

Jack’s career in fitness started in the military. “As a designated ‘command fitness coordinator’, I was in charge of the physical readiness of the entire crew. In addition to training, I executed fitness evaluations to ensure that our crew was always up to the task of defending our country. This also put me in a position to be creative about helping people get back in shape, a skill that has aided me in my career to this day.”

After his military career, Jack trained in San Diego for four years before moving to Chicago. After two years training in the Windy City, Jack decided to pack up and move back to his original home in Nashville. “I opened Next Level Fitness in Green Hills and ran it for about three years before deciding that Nashville needed something more. I expanded to Midtown Nashville shortly after.”

The current location is located right off of Church Street, and Jack has 18 trainers on staff in the 5,000 sq. ft. facility.

“I believe we are responsible for using our strengths to build each other up, and I’ve worked hard to build an amazing, positive team and network to make that happen.”

“Next Level has a unique family like atmosphere that gives you the best of both worlds: a large gym and a strong sense of community,” says Gerell Webb, one of the personal trainers on staff.

In the past, people have had to choose between a commercial gym or a private fitness studio. In a large gym chain, you often have to jockey for equipment in a sometimes intimidating environment. With a private studio, you may receive a higher level of training in a less intimidating environment but the lack of space, equipment and amenities leave this option less desirable.

At Next Level Fitness, they achieve the best of both worlds. They have the size and equipment of a major gym chain while still being a private training studio. Having an amazing facility isn’t what makes Next Level Fitness so great, however. It’s the incredible team of fitness professionals that truly make NLF shine.

“We’ve built a family here, and each trainer has something unique and special to bring to the table. Just had a baby? We have a trainer for you. Want to compete in body building? We’ve got you covered. Want to be more mobile? We can assist you. No matter your goals, we have someone who can help you become your best self.”

At Next Level Fitness they practice what they preach, not only in the gym, but out in the world as well. “Sure, you have the option of coming in and trimming up or growing bigger pecs, but we’re hoping that your ambition goes far beyond that. We want to know what really drives you, and then push you to achieve those real, deep seeded goals,” Jack says.

“Another key motivator that drives us is the opportunity to reach out and be a part of something greater than ourselves, using our gifts and strengths to help others in need. Whether it’s mission work overseas, or being a good neighbor in our own city, we’ve been thankful for the opportunity to serve others.”

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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