Local Spotlight – Terry Barga

by Joseph Hemphill

Along Nolensville Pike in Nashville, sits Life Fitness Academy and its owner Terry Barga. Whether it’s training for America Ninja Warrior, perfecting your handstands or showing up for a moving party with friends and family, Terry has dedicated his life to helping others better their own. He is no ordinary trainer though; just ask his clients. They call him selfless. They call him different. But most of all, they call him family.

Through ten years of personal training experience and countless success stories, Terry has evolved into a master of restorative fitness. Take me, Joe, for example: Four years ago I needed help putting on my socks. Tying my shoes hurt. Daily tasks were no longer as simple as they should have been. Terry’s belief and consistency in restoring my muscle imbalance, strength and flexibly hanged my frustration and pain to commitment and appreciation. After health professionals evaluated my lower back issues for years, they’re advice boiled down to two things; I would either have to “get use to” this pain and lack of mobility, or I would have surgery. Terry more than shared my reluctance; he refused to accept this as my fate. So we embarked on what we knew would be a difficult journey. We worked endless hours at the gym to improve my mobility. We slowly developed strength to enhance practical exercises like squats and push-ups. In turn, and over
time, Terry and I changed my fate. This is how I know Terry is different. It’s how I know he is selfless. It is why I call him family.

Today I can say I’ve finished numerous 5K and 10Ks. I’ve run three half marathons, three relay races, and two mud runs all with Terry by my side. Those two options I thought would define my quality of life have become the things we laugh about today. Terry understands the body and how it should move. He understands functional fitness and how wellness supports your lifestyle. He understands his clients and their needs.

Over the recent years, Terry has been recognized for his work in the Calisthenics world. But no matter the attention, he will always be that guy sporting a killer beard and tattoos, probably doing handstands in the middle of the street with his wife and kids. Be careful though, if you ever run into him in public, he likes to make you do them too! Regardless of your current outfit.

Terry is a blessing to for the fitness community here in Nashville because he cares, making him a pillar of our health and wellness environment. He has the knowledge to change opinions and health issues, but also the heart to connect with his clients. He is different. He believes in the strength of the mind as much as the body. He is no ordinary trainer. He runs a gym, but he is unifying a community and a contagious lifestyle. Terry lives the life he teaches. He is about your life and about your fitness.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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