Kettlebell Training

by Jaime Carroll


• Stand behind the bell far enough so you can tilt it toward you with your hips hinged, knees bent and back straight
• Hike the bell between your legs and stand tall, allowing the bell to float at the top (try to keep the bell floating chest height or below)
• Hinge your hips again keeping the bell between your legs and snapping the hips forward to stand tall and straight
• Set the bell down the same way you picked it up!
1) The swing is a hinge movement (like the deadlift, not squat) so you want to make sure you are initiating the movement with your hips with a slight knee bend following from there.
2) The swing is also a ballistic movement with all the power coming from the hips. Snap your hips forward when coming to the top of the swing squeezing your glutes. Stand tall (like you are against a wall) and keep everything tight.


• Stand completely over the bell
• Hinge your hips back to begin the movement, bend your knees and grab the bell by the horns
• Stand tall with the bell in both hands pushing your hips through full extension, squeeze your glutes, and keep your shoulders down
• Tap the bell back down in the exact position you started with it; repeat
1) The standing position should be a tall plank position like your back is against the wall. Squeeze your glutes and try not to lean back.


• Begin with the bell in the rack position (clean it if you know how, or simply do a cheat curl)
• Press the bell up, turning your palm to face out at the top
• Bring the bell back to the starting position (always bring it back to the rack position)
Want to make this lift feel a little easier? Create a lot of tension in your body (staying tight) Pull your kneecaps up while standing, make a fist with your other hand, and squeeze your glutes! This will make that press feel a lot easier and get you a lot stronger.


• Place two bells between your feet and stand completely over them
• Hinge your hips back and squat down so one hand is on each bell
• Pull one bell up while simultaneously “pushing” the other bell down and through the ground
• Elbow pulls up and stays close to your rib cage. Keep your shoulder down
• Place the bell back and switch arms
Be sure there is no rounding in your back. Try to keep a flat back as much as possible. Keep your hips lower than your shoulders.


• Pick up the kettlebell with good form and hold it by the horns. Take your feet slightly wider than hips with your toes turned out somewhere between 35-45 degrees. Each person will vary
• Keep your shoulders down and elbows in towards your rib cage. Initiate the squat by sitting back and down like you are going to sit on a curb
• Stand back up, driving your feet through the ground and keeping your chest up. Try not to let your butt rise first


• Lay on your right side to pick up the bell. Roll to your back and press it up with both hands. Place your left arm and leg down by your side and out to about 45-degrees
• Roll up to your left elbow. Use your right glute and pull your left elbow towards you (while keeping it on the ground) to assist you in the roll up
• Roll up to your left hand
• Push yourself up slightly to tuck your left leg underneath you
• Come into a half knee position
• Stand up
• Reverse the movement the exact way you came up
• Bring the bell down with both hands, roll to your right side and spin overhead to bring it to the left side. Repeat the same movement on the left
This is not a sit-up. Be sure to roll up. Start with a “naked” get up until you master the movement. Naked meaning, no weight. Look at the bell the entire time, until you get to the half kneeling position. This allows for stronger shoulder stability because you can see where your arm is in space. This is very important for going heavy and getting stronger in this movement.

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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