Bodyweight HIIT Workout

by Derrick Billups, Personal Trainer at City Fit Concierge

Perform each movement in each circuit for 45 seconds work; 15 seconds rest X4 (one cycle) or 20 seconds work; 10 seconds rest X8 (two cycles). Remember to breathe with every rep.


Jump Squat x Push-Up x V-Up
Jump Squat: Keep your chest high as you drop your body to the ground. Push through the outer edges of your feet, using your glutes for elevation. Try to land softly as you return to your squat position for another rep.
Push-Up: Form is crucial. Think of your body as one giant straight line with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. (Variation: Knee Push-up)
V-Up: Create a hollow body position to begin. As you reach for your ankles, keep your legs straight and squeeze your core at the top. (Variation: Single Leg V-Up)

Goblet Squat x Tricep Elbow Drop x Bicycle
Goblet Squat: Grab a weight that’s comfortable to perform 10 reps without losing form. Hold the kettlebell by the horns and sink into a squat, keeping your chest high. Knees should be out. Try not to round your butt or back as you rise.
Tricep Elbow Drop: Begin with your elbows and forearms on the ground. Using your triceps, push up until your arms are fully extended for one rep.
Bicycle: While keeping both feet off the ground, “pedal” each elbow into the opposite knee as you twist, like a bicycle. Make sure you straighten the opposite leg and move slowly to activate the core.

Jump Lunge x Dumbbell Thruster x Superman
Jump Lunge: Focus on maintaining your balance while exploding upwards as you push off the ground, twisting each leg in the air. Each side is one rep.
Dumbbell Thruster: Begin with the dumbbells on your shoulders. Lower to a squat position then push them up over your head as you rise. With weight comes more power, so make sure you’re “thrusting” the dumbbells up as your body rises. Lower body and dumbbells simultaneously as you move into your next rep.
Superman: While in a low plank position, extend your arms forward in a “Superman” position, one at a time. Activate your core by squeezing your abs on each rep.

Bosu Side Squat x Bosu Tricep Dip x Weighted V-Up
Bosu Side Squat: With one leg on the bosu ball, take a step out to the side, toes slightly pointed out. Squat with your chest up, weight on your heels, squeezing your glutes.
Bosu Tricep Dip: With the hands on the bosu, walk your feet out until straight, or near straight, for difficulty. Dip your butt near to the ground and push up using your triceps. Keep your chest open, shoulders back. (Variation: Move your heels closer to your body)
Weighted V-Up: Grab a weighted bar or ball in your hands, and create a hollow body position to begin. As you reach the weight to your ankles, keep your legs straight and squeeze your core at the top. (Variation: Single Leg V-Up)

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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