The Best Outdoor Workout Spots in Nashville

by Tim Boje, CSCS

Capitol Hill

Located in the heart of downtown Nashville, this is the perfect place for running hill sprints or doing a step workout (so many stairs!). If you want to really push yourself, doing bear crawls, broad jumps, lunges, or pushups up the steep incline can work your core, legs, and upper body all together. The Bicentennial Mall area across the street from the hill is a great place to do a cool-down walk or jog – learn some Tennessee history while you recover!

Ascend Amphitheater Riverfront Park

Workout with an incredible view of the downtown skyline and Cumberland River as your backdrop. Equipped with gymnastics rings, a balance beam, dip bars, push up bars, and more, this spot is ideal for callisthenics. With bars and other equipment at various heights, it is easy to scale your exercises to fit your abilities. It’s a playground made for fitness.

Percy Warner Stairs

This outdoor locale is my favorite place to do a killer workout. The stairs are deceivingly tough, even just walking. Doing an up-tempo run or *attempting* to sprint the full length (good luck!) will have your heart pounding out of your chest. Nearby trees can be great for hanging a TRX, and the stairs can also be used for step ups, jumps, and hops. (Note: The stairs are temporarily closed for a restoration project until Spring/Summer 2020. The trails surrounding are still open.)

Pinkerton Park

Within walking distance of Downtown Franklin (about 20 miles South of Nashville), Pinkerton Park is a great place for running and walking.  Its large grass fields are perfect for a kettlebell workout or throwing around the medicine ball. A 1-mile track loops around the fields with markers every quarter mile to help you keep pace, especially helpful for doing speed work or intervals. The park also has pull up and push up bars, along with other fitness stations that have helpful descriptions of the exercises.

Radnor Lake

A scenic destination for a hike, Radnor is great for recovery days. Take a stroll with a friend around the lake and view the wildlife – an array of birds, deer and other critters. Clear your head, listen to music, and recharge while enjoying the hiking trails and taking in all that nature has to offer.

Photo by Larry McCormack / The Tennessean
NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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