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Nashville Fit Magazine’s first annual “Best Of Nashville Health and Fitness” results are in! Thousands of you voted on your favorite people and places in lifestyle, nutrition, wellness, and fitness. Read on to see Nashville’s most popular gurus in the industry. If you don’t see your favorite on the list, make sure to get involved next year by casting your vote!


Favorite Fitness Apparel and Gear Store:

1. lululemon
High-quality athletic apparel meets functionality and comfort. Whether you’re aiming to get sweaty or be stylish (or both), lululemon has plenty of options for every workout enthusiast.
2. Fleet Feet Sports
3. Athleta

Best Spa Experience:
1. Escape Day Spa
For an unforgettable pampering experience, check into Nashville’s Escape Day Spa. Escape’s scrubs are designed to polish away dull, dry skin cells, and draw out impurities.
2. Woodhouse Day Spa
3. O.Liv Body Bar

Best Coffee Shop:
1. Frothy Monkey
Visit any of Frothy Monkey’s five locations and you’ll find families enjoying brunch, an ideal date spot, the perfect place to sit and work, a business meeting hotspot, or great vibe for post-work drinks.
2. Crema
3. Fido

Favorite Hotel:
1. Thompson Hotel
A Gulch resident, the Thompson exudes luxury and style in an energetic neighborhood. Sip cocktails at the rooftop bar or dine in the Marsh House with seafood-centric Southern fare.
2. Omni Hotel
3. Loews Vanderbilt Hotel

Best Hair Salon:
1. Parlour 3
Owned by Melissa Schleicher, Parlour 3 has a loyal celebrity clientele, a stunning interior, and an incredible team of talented stylists.
2. Local Honey
3. Elan HAIR

Best Local Nonprofit:
1. Nashville Dolphins
Founded in 2003, the Nashville Dolphins aquatics program now serves over 200 children and adults with special needs year-round.
2. The New Beginnings Center
3. Small World Yoga

Fittest CEO:
1. Tash Weddle
Providing training and education to improve fitness, nutrition, and health for over two decades, Tash leads The New Beginnings Center in helping women gain new skills and confidence as they gain new strength.
2. Ambrose Leburu
3. Alexander Kaufman

Best Bike Shop:
1. Halcyon Bike Shop
Halcyon has been serving the growing Nashville bike community since 2008 and is committed to providing the best quality products at affordable prices.
2. Cumberland Transit
3. EastSide Cycles

Favorite Camping Spot:
1. Fall Creek Falls State Park Fall Creek Falls includes 222 campsites in five different areas allowing you to fish, kayak, or hike the many trails throughout the park while you sleep comfortably under the stars.
2. Montgomery Bell State Park
3. Cedar Creek Campgrounds

Best Veterinary Clinic:
1. Belmont Animal Hospital
Belmont Animal Hospital believes in putting you and your pet first. Their passionate staff and steadfast mission to unite the city through a love of animals keeps their customers coming back.
2. Hillsboro Animal Hospital
3. Parker’s Paws Animal Hospital

Best Pet Food Store:
1. Nashville Pet Products
Opening its first store in Nashville in 1987, Nashville Pet Products now has five locations throughout the area.
2. Wags and Whiskers
3. Spot’s Pet Supply and Grooming


Best Smoothie / Juice Shop:
1. I Love Juice Bar
A staple in the juice community, I Love Juice Bar has an extensive menu full of juices, smoothies, and healthy shots to keep its customers feeling fresh (in more ways than one) with every order.
2. Urban Juicer
3. Franklin Juice

Favorite Brunch Spot:
1. Tavern
A local “foodie favorite,” Tavern’s cuisine is fun, creative, and accessible to most any palate. Treat yourself to a scrumptious Red Velvet Waffle or get your hair of the dog fix with one of their Wicked Bloody Marys.
2. First Watch
3. Marche Artisan Foods

Best Food Truck:
1. The Grilled Cheeserie
Created by husband and wife team Joseph Bogan and Crystal De Luna-Bogan, The Grilled Cheeserie is not only Nashville’s favorite food truck, but it’s now a melt shop too.
2. Cousins Maine Lobster
3. Funk Seoul Brother

Best Healthy Restaurant:
1. AVO
Sourcing from the finest plant-based, local ingredients in the area, AVO has a well-rounded approach to health, wellness, and food. Try their famous Avocado Margarita with your meal!
2. EiO & The Hive
3. Sunflower Café

Favorite Bar:
1. L.A. Jackson
Located on the top floor of the Thompson Nashville, L.A. Jackson is an indoor/outdoor rooftop bar and restaurant with tasty treats and inventive libations.
2. Old Glory
3. Patterson House

Favorite Local Wine, Beer, or Spirit:
1. Yazoo Brewing Company
A fan favorite in the area, this southern original brewing company has been bottling favorites like the Dos Perros and Pale Ale since 2003.
2. Arrington Vineyards
3. Jackalope Brewing Company

Favorite Grocery Store:
1. Trader Joe’s
Surprisingly, Trader Joe’s has only one location in Nashville, but continues to offer a variety of products and brands at a reasonable price. Now if we could just find more parking!
2. Whole Foods
3. Turnip Truck

Best Nutritionist / Dietician:
1. Jill Burns
Part of the FreeBird Tribe, Jill spends her time practicing Buti yoga, running intervals, distance, and climbing when she’s not consulting on nutrition.
2. Jill Merkel
3. Mckel Hill

Best Meal Prep / Delivery Service:
1. Paleo Works
Modern Paleo for busy people. Owners Brian and Lisa Perry have been seasoning Nashville’s meal prep scene for many years, and they don’t skimp on their portion sizes either.
2. Eat Well Nashville
3. Golden Roots Nashville


Best Hospital:
1. Vanderbilt University Medical Center
A collection of several hospitals, clinics, schools of medicine and nursing associated with Vanderbilt University, Vandy Medical Center is No. 1 in patient care and facilities.
2. St. Thomas Health
3. Tristar Centennial Medical Center

Best Physical Therapist:
1. David Jennings
Johnson & Hayes recently opened a third physical therapy location in Franklin under clinical manager David Jennings. It’s the place to go for injury rehabilitation.
2. Brandon Ellison
3. Heather Herod Cole

Best OB/GYN Doctor:
1. Dr. Allison Strnad
Heritage Medical is lucky to have Dr. Strnad! Her compassionate approach to women’s care makes her a standout physician in Nashville.
2. Dr. Grayson Woods
3. Dr. Elizabeth Oldfield

Best Orthopedic Doctor:
1. Dr. Burton Elrod
Practicing out of Elite Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center, Dr. Elrod and has a number of specialties including sports-related injuries and arthroscopic surgery. He also served as head team physician in the NFL for 19 years.
2. Dr. David Moore
3. Dr. Clarke Holmes

Best Dermatologist:
1. Dr. Lorien Sites
Dr. Sites joined Nashville Skin & Cancer in 2009 and continues to be a wonderful addition to their medical, surgical and cosmetic services.
2. Dr. Dawn Vincent
3. Dr. Jennifer Lee

Best Cosmetic Surgeon:
1. Dr. J.J. Wendel
This award winning surgeon continues to shines in the Nashville market. Dr Wendel has earned numerous honors, recently being recognized as a “Top Social Influencer in Cosmetic Medicine”.
2. Dr. Brian Biesman
3. Dr. Nicholas Sieveking

Best Dentist:
1. Dr. Thomas Nabors
Dr. Nabors is constantly striving to further his knowledge in the area of dental health. His Downtown Nashville office is both urban and inviting, making it a comfortable environment for his patients.
2. Dr. Clint Newman
3. Dr. Phillip Kemp

Best Massage Therapist:
1. Robin Frazier
A licensed massage therapist for the past 16 years, Robin has a passion for working with athletes out of the Franklin Massage Center, working with triathletes, full and half marathoners, 100k trail and distant runners.
2. Jenna Wolf
3. Michael Jordan

Best Chiropractor:
1. Dr. Peter Hinz
Dr. Hinz is one of the leading chiropractors in Franklin, committed to providing the highest quality care to his clients. He is an Eagle Scout, a CrossFit athlete, and is also certified as a CrossFit Level 1 coach.
2. Dr. Kevin Bradshaw
3. Dr. Rhett Bruner

Best Med Spa:
1. Nashville Skin Company
No matter what your concerns may be, the Nashville Skin Company has a clear solution for you, by combining skin care, body contouring treatments, and weight management programs.
2. Elan Skin
3. Skin MB Medspa


Best Gym:
1. getFIT615
Be kind. Love your body. Sweat every day. And play with Emma. These are the kinds of things you’ll hear when you walk into Nashville’s best gym.
2. Fit Factory Nashville
3. Orangetheory Fitness

Best Boutique Fitness Studio:
1. BeatboxFIT
The Brentwood standout BeatboxFIT offers a fun, music-driven, total body workout. Owner, Ellen Joiner, says “I’m not here to make you skinny. I’m here to make you healthy!”
2. Studio 51st
3. FreeBird Fitness

Best Bootcamp:
1. Barry’s Bootcamp
Located in The Gulch, Barry’s intense treadmill and weightlifting combo help you burn fat and build muscle. Fuel up at their in-house smoothie bar or grab a fresh hoodie on your way out.
2. Burn Boot Camp
3. Shed Group Fitness

Best CrossFit Gym:
1. CrossFit Trivium
CrossFit Trivium continues to promote healthy movement, a broad range of fitness, and mental resilience in a supportive community.
2. CrossFit H Dub
3. Nashletics

Best Strength & Conditioning Gym (Non-CrossFit):
1. Shed Group Fitness
Now with three locations in Nashville, SHED has made a name for itself as a premium strength and conditioning gym. Rest assured that you’ll hit all your favorite muscle groups. Watch out for the Shredder!
2. Fit Factory Nashville
3. KrankFit

Best Yoga Studio:
1. Shakti Power Yoga
Quiet your mind and open up your heart with a diverse collection of yoga classes in a heated space. Located on Music Row, you’ll fall in love with Shakti’s quaint rooms and warm smiles.
2. Inner Light Yoga
3. Hot Yoga Plus

Best Barre Studio:
1. Barre3 Nashville
Sculpt and tone your entire body while stimulating your mind during this ballet-inspired workout. No dance experience is required, so bring your two left feet, a towel, and give it a go.
2. Pure Barre Brentwood
3. Neighborhood Barre

Best Pilates Studio:
1. Marathon Pilates
Serving two locations in Nashville, Marathon Pilates is not your average Pilates studio, working hard to give you a personalized full body workout with a wellness approach.
2. Studio Novo
3. Willow Pilates

Best Cycling Studio:
1. Verticity
Verticity means the power of turning and local entrepreneurs Lindsay Brooker and Kimberly Novosel have crafted a community of riders and instructors that are both motivational and inspirational.
2. KrankFit
3. CycleBar Gulch

Best Boxing / MMA Gym:
1. Title Boxing Club
The oldest sport in the world is new again. Combo your way through jabs, crosses, and hooks at four locations in Nashville. You’ll be sweating well before the “warm up” even finishes.
2. Pepper Boxing
3. HOTBOX Fitness

Best Youth Fitness Organization:
1. YMCA of Middle Tennessee
A staple in the Middle Tennessee community, the YMCA’s youth programs continue to offer a variety of ways to keep our children active and build stronger family bonds.
2. Moves & Grooves
3. Girls on the Run

Best Free Community Workout:
1. The Capitol Steps Workout
You’ll never find James Crumlin without a smile on his face! Join him every Monday and Thursday (for free!) at 6 p.m. downtown at the Capitol Steps.
2. Wholesale Fit
3. Small World Yoga

Best Personal Trainer:
1. Corey Grant Adams
Corey has been personal training out of Gold’s Gym in Hendersonville for the past two years. His love for his clients and expertise in the industry make him a healthy choice for best trainer in Nashville.
2. Justin Crutchfield
3. Derrick Billups

Best CrossFit Coach:
1. Trey Fitch
“If you aren’t having fun, then you’re doing it wrong!” The owner of CrossFit H Dub has a knack for hard work, paying attention to detail, making his members laugh, and wearing tie-dye.
2. Mark Molinyawe
3. Evan Beach

Best Yoga Instructor:
1. Chris Byford
A recent NFM cover star, Chris continues to make us laugh and smile as we bend and fold our bodies into intricate positions at Shakti Power Yoga.
2. Emmy Singer
3. Danielle Whitener

Best Pilates Instructor:
1. Bambi Watt
Certified Pilates and Xtend instructor Bambi Watt is the owner of Willow Pilates Studio, one of Nashville’s premier Pilates studios for 17 years running.
2. Lindsey Rae
3. Dawn Doll

Best Barre Instructor:
1. Saskia Harmon
Saskia is the current manager/teacher at Pure Barre Brentwood where she loves helping women stay fit and re-gain confidence in themselves.
2. Anna Perry
3. Suzanne Banker

Best Cycling Instructor:
1. Kelsey Cox
A veteran to the cycling community, Kelsey’s loud beats and high energy keeps her riders coming back to Verticity.
2. Tori Ross
3. Anna Perry

Best Running Coach:
1. Megan Conner
Always beaming with enthusiasm and encouragement, Megan’s personal training will have you working hard and having fun while you do it.
2. Scott Wietecha
3. Devin Tolentino

Best Group Fitness Instructor:
1. Tier Elera
Tier is the owner and creator or Tier TIME Fitness, a power-driven, musical based bootcamp that will have you and your body enjoying the latest moves and tunes of urban, hip-hop, Latin and pop genres.
2. Ellen Joiner
3. Christen Jackson

Best Ambassador to Nashville’s Health & Fitness Community:
1. Kate Moore
Continuing to be a lighthouse in the Nashville community, Kate’s crusade for individuality and charismatic attitude create a heartfelt environment wherever she goes.
2. James Crumlin
3. Kimberly Novosel

Best Local Instagram Fitness Celebrity:
1. Erin Oprea
Our first issue cover star, Erin, never misses a workout. On the road or traveling around Nashville, catch her training with the stars or teaching a new workout on your local news channel.2. Shawn Booth
3. Brittany Farrar

Hardest Workout in Nashville:
1. SHED Fitness
Hitting our chart for a third time, SHED’s Shredder will have you on the floor after your workout every time.
2. Studio Novo
3. Barry’s Bootcamp

Best Short Distance Road Race (10K or shorter):
1. Boulevard Bolt
The Boulevard Bolt has now grown to over 7,500 participants and ranks among the largest 5-mile races in the country. More importantly, they have been able to donate $3,065,000 to the homeless community in Nashville.
2. Leiper’s Fork Heroes in Recovery 6K
3. Steps for Success 5K

Best Long Distance Road Race (Longer than a 10K):
1. St. Jude Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Marathon and 1/2 Marathon
As one of the most emotional days in Music City, Nashville’s biggest running event continues to promote a challenging race for an incredible cause.
2. The Harpeth Hills Flying Monkey Marathon
3. Tom King Classic Marathon

Best Triathlon:
1. Music City Triathlon
Run by Team Magic, this triathlon will have you swimming the Cumberland River, biking on Ellington Parkway, and running through East Nashville. Not ready for the full? Try the mini.
2. Cedars of Lebanon Triathlon
3. Harpeth Hustle Triathlon

Best Trail Running Race:
1. Music City Trail Ultra
Starting out of a family farm in Pegram, TN, this ultra is as difficult as they come, offering beautiful steep trails and stunning ridge-line views.
2. Rock and Road
3. Defeated Creek Trail Half Marathon

Best Cycling Event:
1. Verticity Rooftop Ride
The Maniac Pack tops the charts again after a successful rooftop ride at L.A. Jackson.
2. Tour de Nash
3. Harpeth River Ride

Best Adventure Race:
1. Nashville Spartan Race
Offering a Sprint, Super, and Kids Race, the Nashville Spartan Sprint Race is a favorite amongst both new and returning racers with 20-23 obstacles over 3-5 miles.
2. Tough Mudder
3. Ragnar Relay

Best Fitness Competition:
1. Battle of the Barbells
Middle Tennessee’s premier functional fitness event, Battle of the Barbells is a two day, individual competition not for the faint of heart.
2. Calisthenics Games
3. CrossFit Rampage Christmas Throwdown

Best Bodybuilding Competition:
1. Flex Lewis Classic
Offering amateur bodybuilders and physique athletes an Olympian level experience, the Flex Lewis Classic is prepping for its seventh year of competition.
2. Music City Muscle
3. NPC Tennessee State

NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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