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by Ryan Freebing

We all have someone we look up to: a role model, mentor, or father figure. If you’ve ever traveled to Austin, Texas, you’ve no doubt seen similarities in our two cities. Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World. Nashville is Music City. But we also share another affinity: our passion for growing an active community.

In a city known for its music, universities, and healthcare (sound familiar?), Austin Fit Magazine has been leading the way in keeping its residents fit, healthy, and active. AFM’s mission is just as clear as ours: educate, motivate, and inspire the area to live a happy, healthier lifestyle through a balance of health, fitness, and nutrition. We couldn’t be following in better footsteps.

I was first introduced to AFM by my parents, who reside in Barton Creek just west of downtown Austin. After they had been sending me every issue for the last four years (thanks Mom and Dad!), I fell more and more in love with it each passing month. A lifestyle magazine, just like Nashville Fit Magazine, AFM releases content and stories on the local fitness community and has even spotlighted some Austin celebrities like Andy Roddick, Jamie Eason, and Aubrey Marcus. Their website ( hosts a number of health and fitness related topics including recipes, workout demos, events, wellness, style, and more. There is even a link to purchase some “Keep Austin Fit” shirts and tanks to add to your workout collection. We may already have a few hanging in our closet.

Last year AFM celebrated 20 years in the publication industry. Sr. Publisher Alex Earle and his crack team—Weston Carls and Gretchen Goswitz to name a few—have developed an incredible platform and managed to become the No. 1 resource for all things health and fitness in Austin. We hope to do the same here in Nashville.

If you’re ever in ATX, stop by their offices and say hello and be sure to check out some of their gym recommendations like Athletic Outcomes, Crush Fitness, CrossFit Central, and the Onnit Academy. We are truly grateful to have AFM paving the way for us fellow fitness lovers and are proud to carry on the tradition in Nashville!


NFM Staff
Author: NFM Staff

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